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  1. No one knows. I am guessing there was some subcontractor firings or personnel relocations going on due to the rather abrupt change in work pace. All I can find are VZW and AT&T crews building new sites or doing their 2nd LTE rollout around town lately. Been many months since I have seen a work crew for Sprint.

    Do you think work will pick back up and get back to normal?

  2. central jersey seems to be stuck at %25, hope they make some bounding leaps now that the weather is hopefully breaking.

    also i thought i read somewhere that around %40-%50 completion that coverage is pretty good anyway, is that true?. Last question where is the break in the CNJ and northern NJ markets. THanks for the help, finally get to upgrade my phone after 22 months tomorrow and am very excited about NV. Catching alot of flak from my friends that im staying with sprint, but NV is promising and so is unlimited data when they are stuck at 2gb with big red or ma bell.

    Around 40-50% sprint likes to launch the market. Sometimes they launch it earlier, but around 40 to 50% coverage should be good, but not everywhere you go.

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