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  1. Does anyone know why it seems like 3g is getting more work than lte right now, shouldn't have 3g been like that in the beginning?
  2. Do you think work will pick back up and get back to normal?
  3. Can anyone tell me why work here has slowed down so much?
  4. Why is new orleans under partial lte launched when we have been formally announced by sprint.
  5. It stoped now its back to normal they must have been working on something.
  6. Lol haha very funny yall know I mean on the phone.
  7. At first where I live I got 5 out of 6 bars but now I am only get lower than two bars. What does this mean?
  8. I only 15 so I really don't know much about cars.
  9. Why can't we tell if its finished or not if everything on the tower is up.
  10. Around 40-50% sprint likes to launch the market. Sometimes they launch it earlier, but around 40 to 50% coverage should be good, but not everywhere you go.
  11. Do we still have towers finished that are not cut on yet, if we do what are they waiting for?
  12. New Orleans went from 18% to 29%, nice to know things are moving along.
  13. Is Puerto rico about to finish first with nv upgrades because they are a small market or sprint has worked on them nostop?
  14. I Haven't been a lot of places, and I meant new lte, lol didn't know I had to be so specific. I've posted speed test and lte engineering on this before. Plus I have a gs3 (hopefully a gs4 before or during the summer).
  15. I live in new orleans, I meant everywhere I've been. I haven't been a lot of placed lately.
  16. To me it will be worth the wait, currently we are in a pre-lanched stage and I've seen some lte and I have better 3g data. 3g is great and I'm sure the lte will br to.
  17. Haven't seen no lte anywhere I'm around, makes me wonder if sprint is taking a break.
  18. How do they add 1x advance, would dat require a new panel on the tower or something?
  19. So does this happen often and is it a big problem?
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