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  1. I had to toggle airplane mode to make the phone disconnect from the b25 tower and connect to the b41 tower.
  2. What kind of backhaul did Clearwire use? I doubt it's a backhaul issue especially since NYC is a wimax market.
  3. Ran some more test and got even worse pings. What could be the cause?
  4. Band 41 and 25 set to 1 Band 26 off Really good signal strength also
  5. I picked band 41 in the Bronx but the speeds were not impressive. Maybe the tower I was connected to is not completely upgraded. I'll post screenshots in a minute
  6. Not until later Sunday evening. The phone just idles well.
  7. Charged Saturday night before heading out at around 9pm . Couple of hours on LTE 9pm-4am Saturday night. Then all day Sunday and overnight into Monday on WiFi. Finally charging now again.
  8. Not bad. Running Elementax kernel under volted.
  9. +1 for Textra I used to use handcent but the options menu became convoluted and overwhelming.
  10. Not in this case. The hole is very small, paper clips do not fit. I tried at work today.
  11. The Nexus 5 has better reception than my Note 2. That's very impressive. Holds a signal way better .
  12. Black 32GB activated no problem here in NY. Enabled all bands and set band 25 to the lowest priority but still only getting LTE on band 25. The phone seems to be hunting for the other bands because after it boots it takes a little while to fall back on band 25. Too bad you can't disconnect band 25 and leave the other bands active. I got connected to 1x800 though according to SignalCheck.
  13. It's supposed to live here in NYC so i'll see if I can enable band 41 and see what SignalCheck tells me. I can't be the first person in NY to get there hands on a Nexus 5
  14. My charger will probably never leave the box. I'll just use my 2 amp Note 2 charger.
  15. I wonder is it's a Sprint wide issue because I need to toggle airplane mode on my Note 2 sometimes to get LTE reconnected again. It's very annoying especially when i'm trying to watch a Youtube video or something.
  16. Oh I see. Weird how some people have no LTE issues and others do
  17. You will most likely get your phones way before that. My 32GB Black Nexus 5 had a Nov 15 ship date originally but is out for delivery today.
  18. That's kind of a shocker. I would think NV has made it's way to the Triangle by now. Considering all the tech companies that's located there.
  19. Has anyone been able to pickup LTE on band 41 as yet?
  20. Nexus 5 and SIM On vehicle for delivery today. Yeah baby!
  21. HTC is kinda known to have less than optimal radios. Evo 3D was attrocious
  22. Is a possibility that you are picking up LTE on another band I guess
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