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  1. Not sure, It's weird because the two tower's within that area show 3G upgrades only. I know it's a test phase but it's a good sign!
  2. a new bit of LTE just popped up by route 1 and woodbourne road in Langhorne pa. Just went up probably just a test tho
  3. It was live last week Wednesday-Friday and went dead over the weekend and is still back to it's boring, slow 3G. Unrelated note, Speedtest.net App has been updated to have iPhone 5 compatibility with a new icon and other stuff. Finally haha
  4. For me it was here and now it's gone already. My tower was up for like three days last week I think Wednesday-Friday now it's back to being terribly slow.
  5. Not everyone maps they're journey's off of roads, I would assume they just map it when they're on big roads or roads they frequent. You know what I mean?
  6. My dad said he got it in Southampton, Bucks, PA. IDC if they're just testing it, i'm happy as can be.
  7. Hahah sorry, it's been a few months since I had it in Miami and it's even better cus it's near home
  8. I GOTT LTE UP IN THIS!!!!!! Im dieing! RT 1 near neshaminy high school that was poppin LTE IS AMAZING WHEN YOU GET IT!!!!!! And apparently some other towers got it too cus im getting a pretty wide range of LTE coverage!!!!! Im dieing!!!!!
  9. I talked to Sprint and they told me the tower by the Giant at Flowers Mills in Langhorne, PA has been down since end of November and that they were working on it.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if there are more LTE sites live but they're just not being reported to Sensorly or these forums just due to lack of knowledge about this site as well as interest in Sensorly. AT&T currently has my area blanketed in LTE but is omitted from AT&T 4G LTE as reported by sensorly. Not even a single road within 5 miles of where I live shows it on Sensorly however I know very well that this area is covered.
  11. Tower next to Neshaminy High School, in Langhorne just started pushing 1.5mb/s download and like 1mb/s upload. As of like 2-3 days ago, i check speedtest once in a while while in class. It's just so damn inconsistent and i can never even download a tiny app, i'm most likely switching to at&t by the end of the month...
  12. Bordentown Township? Is it still like that, cus nothing on sensorly has been reported for that area. If it is live, I wanna take a drive over there to experience it again!!!! :lol:
  13. Now i'm just a little pissed that the tower only a few hundred yards away, is complete NV but they won't flip the freaking LTE switch. come on really
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