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  1. Your post are what brought me back here. I am apparently in a coverage blackhole. i am very unhappy with the service I receive from sprint at this time. roughly 6 weeks ago I was very happy, was able to run my business from home and my kids who are homeschooled could actually have school AT HOME
  2. I am in Prattville AL, just North of Montgomery. Had 3 magic boxes so far. Receive the 1st in February of 2018, Second in August 2018 and the 3rd (MB Gold) in January 2019. Worked great up until about February of this year. Was listed as an available site area until March 2019. Speeds were decent, 20 down and 8 up. Now the network is unusable at best. Band 25 was consistent and usable. No matter where in my home I put the MB, it grabs a very weak band 41. This results in 1-2MB down and 5-7Kb up. Have called the MB support line and have an open ticket with engineering. NO help whatsoever. Keep getting told ONLY that I am not in a serviceable area. VERY frustrating. This is the only, or was, my only option for home internet. I have 4 phones and 1 mifi device connected to the MB and now it is unusable at best
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