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  1. I'm getting about -101 for LTE in my house and when I switch to a phone call I'm getting around -81... It seems like it should be working fine. LTE is working great here. 35-50MBPS in house. Also getting 29MS latency... Any ideas where the drop calls are coming from?
  2. I still have major issues inside and am getting B41 90% of the time anywhere I go in NYC... Getting tons of dropped calls in my house and all the bands are heavily around me, so are there any options for me at this point?
  3. Hey everyone! Haven't been here for ages and haven't really been following sprint and the LTE sightings. Did a speed test just now and got 50mbps... I'm using a 6 PLUS Have I missed anything major in new developments in the passed 6 months or so?
  4. I got $353 for my 5s the day the 6 Plus came out
  5. You will have it very likely for the next 2 years. It's only an extra $100. I look it at like its unlimited possibilities and I enjoy my phone a lot more knowing I can basically download and put anything on my phone. You can't find a job to make a $100? I know your in school, but I'm sure you can find something for it. You'll really enjoy it
  6. Ok looked it up. Only version available is the 128GB iphone 6 in silver and in gold. They are available to pick up in the store instantly. 64GB is not available . Get the 128GB That's what I have
  7. Hmm. I thought Band 41 had issues inside. B26 is best for indoors. In my house I get Band 41 for LTE and probably B25 for voice which is completely unstable. How's b26 coverage for voice working out? Having issues still with signal in my house
  8. Get the 6 Plus. I love the phone. And it's big at first glance, but you get used to it. Really worth it!
  9. I'm really confused about something. As people upgrade to the newest devices, it seems that the phones are prioritizing B26 and B41 Won't that eventually clog up bandwidth like it did on B25 because nobody will be using B25 anymore except for older devices
  10. on the new iPhone 6 Plus I'm either getting B26 or B41 every time I check. Is this positive? I remember on the 5S I couldn't ever get off B25. Now it's the opposite. I can't seen to get B25. Should I worry?
  11. http://i60.tinypic.com/2m43dcx.jpg Can anyone explain what this is? I noticed this as I was walking today. I took the pic myself 18 ave e 2nd st in Brooklyn
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