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  1. What's the deal with Saint Paul, like Midway or Roseville? We're getting the shaft on the East side of the river, the whole east metro is still dark as far as LTE.
  2. That sounds like a question that will require that you "become a sponsor". Also, the answer is zero. MN will never have LTE, ever.
  3. I believe they're angled pretty high to cover the towers themselves, and not the ground floor people. I get 1-2 bars LTE signal on 1st and Hennepin on the 5th floor of my parking ramp, ground floor nothing. On the first day I got 0-1 bars on the ground lot with LoS, but have never gotten it since.
  4. Argh! That Burnsville tower came up, but the range stops about a quarter mile from my place. Why must you torture me so, Sprint? Why..? WHY?!? I did most of the mapping down there, I'll get side streets and the southwest area when I travel down there later this week.
  5. LTE in Burnsville.... It's alive... ALIVE! IT LTEIIIIIVES !!! Sorry, I had to.
  6. I'm surprised I haven't seen anything in the Burnsville area, especially where 35 and 35 turn into 35. Those are very high traffic areas. Perhaps the city or backhaul is holding them back?
  7. Digging does not happen after the ground starts to freeze, most digging doesn't pickup again until March-April, depending on temperature. It can cost thousands to do a simple ground bore after frosting since they have to cover the bore site(s) and run several heaters 24/7 until all of the ground frost is thawed out.
  8. Getting LTE spots in Downtown Minneapolis, at long last. Nothing showing up in the Warehouse District as of today, though I did get word from a friend he had signal all through the night until he left for work (along 9th and Marquette). This is welcome news, because you could hardly use the 3g that was available at the time. My first speedtest was run outdoors on Marquette and 5th St netted me 31kbps down / 44kbps upload, 1194ms latency. I was thuroughly dissapointed for a new subscriber, so this is welcome news.
  9. I'm going to drive by the Home Depot as well as the HWY 5 and Crosstown area and see if I can get some further data on sensorly. Still hoping I see something soon in Burnsville, Minneapolis or Midway areas soon.
  10. I try to use the "report" on sensorly and just get "Error 405 (other - This endpoint only supports GET.)" - Is it still reporting data at least?
  11. Still waiting to see a tower light up downtown, the network here is miserably slow.
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