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  1. Pretty sweet! From the looks of the signal it seems there's more than one tower.
  2. Yup. Still there after restart. It's gotta be a glitch. Who drives home from Fort Lewis, jumps in a boat, and goes to an island. Unless he was in a helicopter. Ha. Weird. BTW I'm on McChord and not seeing any LTE.
  3. Took my wife's phone to sprint to get replaced and I asked about any LTE updates. Initially I got the canned answer about middle of the year but started talking about towers around here getting worked on. The other rep spoke up and said that Tacoma and Lakewood will be up before Seattle. He said a March time frame. Bad news for Seattle but good news for us in Tacoma and Lakewood. I was at the Sprint store in the Lakewood town center.
  4. I woke this morning to find I'm roaming at my home on McChord Air Base. I usually get a good signal and this is the first time I've seen it. Is this a good sign?
  5. Thank you for clarifying. That is good news. Happy Holidays everyone.!
  6. Anybody hear anymore information? Unfortunately it doesn't look to be coming soon. I found this on the "Bring Sprint LTE to Seattle" facebook page written from the horse's mouth. To sum it up...they state work has not started in West Washington yet. Sorry for the bad news. http://m.facebook.com/WeWantSprint4gLteInSeattle?id=412498305489549&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FWeWantSprint4gLteInSeattle&_rdr#!/story.php?story_fbid=430176217055091&id=412498305489549&refid=17
  7. Always enjoy seeing this kind of speed even if only on 3G! Who needs LTE?
  8. I apologize for my outburst. I have seen ehrpd around McChord AFB 2 weeks ago on a consistent basis. Now I am back seeing evdoa. I am not savvy on the tower building process so wondering if anyone knows what this means. Any ideas?
  9. My 3G is horrible too. Half the time SpeedTest and RootMetrics wont register. 1 month ago I was averaging 500-700 Kb/s. Not fast but manageable. Now I'm lucky if I get over 100 kb/s. I stream music at work just to feel like I'm utilizing unlmtd data. I'VE USED 2 GB so far this month.
  10. Wow I didn't even realize 3G was capable of speeds that fast. Crossing my fingers we'll see LTE soon. Looking forward to actually using my unlimited data.
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