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  1. Official won't be for a few months I expect as beta just launched a week ago. Also when you are accepted nothing happens. You need to go to manually check for updates and you will get the beta software. I was able to use maps while on a call driving home so for sure volte is working! Also, battery life seems to be very significantly improved. Not sure if this is just this early beta or not, but it's improved at least 50 percent. Other users are reporting same in beta app.
  2. I don't believe unlocked devices had calling plus. Either way I never did.
  3. I disabled WiFi and browsed the internet while on a call. Which should be impossible without VoLTE.
  4. I just got the One UI 2 beta with Dec security patch on unlocked s9. I toggled VoLTE on and it works! Just wondering why there is no icon to indicate that it is active.
  5. I keep hearing about the June patch finally making it to some phones. Yet here I am with April still being the most recent. This is really quite annoying.
  6. I don't have a voice networks setting there. Mobile networks is the closest, but no VOLTE option there. Wifi calling is even more hidden, it's in the phone app settings.
  7. Can you advise where the setting is to turn that on and off?
  8. Unlocked s9 just got the android p update!
  9. Sad state when half the world seems to be getting the Android P update, while unlocked users are still on a 2 month old security patch. Shouldn't be this way... #Venting.
  10. Jeff is that an unlocked s9 or sprint branded?
  11. No VoLTE is a letdown. This was the feature I was most excited about for the Android Pie update.
  12. Are you guys getting stable release ota? I assume this is for a branded sprint s9, not the unlocked one.
  13. Reports on sammobile that vz is getting the pie update now for s9. You would think unlocked would be sooner, not dead last to receive any updates. It is an odd business model where buying directly from the manufacturer is the way to get the slowest support.
  14. Just a week left of January, but who knows what will happen. Does anyone expect that Samsung will stick to the time line?
  15. Does that mean unlocked will get it first? Or does Sprint decide when to push the pie update?
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