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  1. In Cottage Grove, there are a bunch of new antennas on top of the water tower at 70th and Meadow Grass. I can see the ant. from my house. I have very random 4g signals on my S3. Mostly 3g. When are these towers supposed to go live? It seems the antennas have been there for a while.
  2. downtown st paul is mostly down. I might get 4g for like 5-10 min, then it's down for a couple hours.
  3. I just got a 4g signal on my S3 about 10 min ago from downtown St Paul. I couldn't get sensorly to post. Kept on getting Error 405 (other 0 This endpoint only supports GET)" . i did a speed test and got 10 down and 1.5 up. excited!
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