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  1. Been AWOL for a while but once again drawn to the site for the invaluabe info. Dontated again but this time I will be doing so on a monthly basis. Hope it helps!
  2. Hey....I wear skinny jeans.
  3. It doesn't seem like that big of a jump and if it doesnt support at least 800 LTE than its an auto no buy.
  4. This is why I haven't updated my device yet. Once they release another update I will upgrade.
  5. Thanks but I was already somewhat aware that 1x works well at low signals. I should have said been more precise with my question. I want to know how he is able to get great data speeds with such a low signal. In my experience, having a signal of -100+ is almost always handcuffed to dismal or decent speeds not 1mbps+
  6. What offsets that low signal? Is it low noise and the quality of the signal even though its a low signal? Can you explain in depth?
  7. Your really really really overthinking it. I don't think it would be anywhere near that complicated. The common person would have no idea about half of the things you just said and I don't find downtime on routers to be a major problem. I've had to reset my router maybe a few times since having it. However, I personally prefer my own service due to the high speeds I buy and the amount of banthwidth I could use in a month. I just love having 25mbps+ speeds. On another note, its ok for someone to come to your house and use your internet right? What if they come everyday and use it. Wouldn't that be the same as providing them with internet even though they don't pay for it. My question isn't personally directed at you lynyrd65 in case you got the wrong idea.
  8. All of the above..............more than likely haha
  9. I almost feel sorry for Verizon customers. It almost seems as if their speeds will slow to a crawl but Verizon can at least increase capacity by coverting more towers. Even if it doesn't have a long term solution.
  10. haha Inside the crib. I guess you mean either the loop or your house. Seriously though I wish NV was nearly complete in my market.
  11. Whats the background song? Makes the video seems a bit ominous to me but I can hardly believe that is happening with a strong LTE signal. Verizon needs more carriers and it needs them now.
  12. How could you possible know it not as much as I think. What indication did I give you that could possibly give you an idea of how much unauthorized tethering I believe is going on. I also didn't attack you by the way. If you say something that isn't true, I have the right to say otherwise. I tried "educating" you. I told exactly why your misconceptions were wrong and gave an explanation of how and why it affects the network.
  13. No, I know exactly what am talking about. I don't need to cite a source to prove the moon isn't made of cheese. Its common sense in the RF world. Once again you call on me to show you proof when you continue to make up your own "proof". ATT, Verizon, and Sprint all have publicly complained about the abuse of their network by abusive users such as those who tether without authorization. This is common knowledge among the educated masses in wireless tech dealing with cell networks. You are simply ignorant of cell network infrastructure and the effects abusive tethering.
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