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  1. Sorry to revive an old topic... Do we know if this still works? I installed the .apk (and it updated) and modified the prefs file as specified, but I can't log into my account. Error received reads "Exception: java.lang.Exception - mdn is a required parameter". This is on the latest 6.0.1 Android build, but I had the same problem on earlier builds. I have double checked to make sure the values in the prefs are correct several times. Also the "Fun & Games" isn't working and I can't update that via Play, "Your device is not compatible with this version". This is no big deal to me just curious if it works for anyone? I'm using a 2013 Nexus 5, and have never been able to get either of these Sprint apps fully working.
  2. Interesting discussion going on here. I live just NE of Dixie and Oakland Park (very near Wilton) and have pretty consistent service in that area. I stay connected to B26 indoors and yes, it's not blazing fast but does generally work when I need it (most of the time I'm on wifi). B41 pretty much everywhere outdoors but there are exceptions. Notably, when I go north of Commercial I do lose B41 until closer to Cypress Creek although that's about as far north as I typically go. B41 in the area of Cypress Creek and Andrews is Clearwire. The problem I'm noticing recently is while in my office building (near Cypress Creek and Andrews) my signal quality on even B26 seems to have deteriorated over the past 3 months. I used to stay on B26 easily, quite often now I'm dropping to 3G. If I don't leave my phone sitting on my desk the battery will drain by the end of the day and I often need to charge it. B26 also seems much more congested, speed tests rarely over 1Mbs but these are typically at -110 to -115 dBm signal. Also reviewing my bill my 3G data usage has been increasing month over month since March (when it had been steadily decreasing month over month, my travel patterns and usage areas have not changed). A few calls have also dropped and that has been very rare in the past 12 months. I reported this to Sprint last week and the agent indicated this tower is the 13th busiest of all towers in the Miami market. I didn't open a ticket but think I will since it doesn't appear to be getting any better. Anybody else live/work around Cypress Creek and Andrews and notice this?
  3. I've not been around here in a while... Just read the article and a good deal of the comments. I have two very important observations: 1) Some people should not have the internet 2) Some people (ie Fabian Cortez) have WAAAAY too much time on their hands
  4. This is in Plantation, roughly Pine Island and SW 6th. I have no idea how to tell what tower... LOL
  5. B26 live in FTL in Corporate Park off of Cypress Creek. This was from an inside office of my building, normally bad 3G if you're lucky. Still not the fastest, but it's coming!
  6. Recently upgraded to a Nexus 5... I'm curious what radios are fellow N5 users running in the Milwaukee area? I'm on the latest OTA build KTU84P and baseband .16 and it doesn't seem that great. I am picking up B26 here and there (I've only had it 2 days now so not a lot of opportunities to check when not at work/home), but B25 reception doesn't seem to be any better than my S3. After all the raving about this device, I was expecting to see better RF performance but realize it may be radio-related. EDIT: Regular CDMA/1X/EVDO seems to be weaker than the S3?
  7. Definitely some work going on near Hwy 100 & Edgerton the last couple days. For the last several months I've had decent LTE (on 1900) and great 1x800 signal at work (battery life was 100% improved over the non-NV network). Yesterday and today, my phone is practically burning a hole in my pocket and the battery drained completely yesterday because of crappy signal. Since most nearby towers have been 'green' for a while, I suspect it's related to B26 work, but who knows... I really can't wait until I can upgrade in July to a Tri-band device.
  8. I finally went back to a Touchwiz ROM on my GS3 so I could do a PRL/profile update and I've been picking up 1x800 around my place (Lower East side). There are not any close marked 800 towers near me so they must be testing/unofficial. In fact i have a hard time connecting to my Airave since my phone wants to stick on 800. (My apartment is a horrible dead spot, not just Sprint either). On a side note, we should consider ourselves VERY lucky to be in a Samsung market. I traveled to South Florida/FLL/MIA (for HolyShip!!!) and they have made almost no perceivable improvement in coverage since I was there the same time last year. They have been in deployment a lot longer than we have been! Much flipping back to 3G and 1x and absolutely no 1x800.
  9. Only strange thing I noticed was that a couple days ago, I couldn't get a txt to go through after like 4 tries with reasonable signal strength. I've had no trouble making/receiving any calls. (SW corner of Milw Co., Lower East Side and in between)
  10. Over the last 2 days, I've put down quite a bit of new purple on Sensorly, it doesn't show until you zoom all the way in though. Hwy 100 south of Forest home all the way up to Lincoln-ish in West allis, some along Forest Home, and a bit of 43N just where you merge onto 894 and I maintained that along 43N up to about Holt, including right through the tunnel. Yesterday I could pick up LTE outside the office (110th & Edgerton), today I'm maintaining the signal inside the office. Also ran a few Speedtests which do appear on Sensorly. If this rate of progress continues, we'll all be getting LTE for Christmas! EDIT: I have yet to pick up 1x800 anywhere in WI, and I have traveled to quite a few areas that have it. I pick it up in IL right away. I know my PRL is rather old (I'm running CM10.1 on a GS3), could that be a factor?
  11. I would like to see some progress in this area as well because I work over there. Usually my battery is <50% by lunch, leaving the house with a full charge in the morning Even in areas where I've been that are only 3G complete (Lake Geneva area), my battery life is 10x better.
  12. I might have to take a ride up there later and check it out. I'm only about 3 miles south.
  13. Report from Chicago: Overall NV is great. While I wasn't experiencing stellar speeds, pings were always <75ms and typically averaging 50-65ms which gives a much greater perception of speed. Right as the parade was ramping up I got a slight delay in outgoing voice calls but all went through and never dropped. I continued to send/receive txts throughout the parade. I was able to upload pictures to Facebook instantaneously, and got a 10+Mbps speedtest right along the parade route. Crowd estimates were close to 1 million, so I'm very impressed with how well things performed, especially in those circumstances. On a side note, does anyone know of a good / reasonably priced to get a GS3 screen replaced? Mine met the sidewalk...
  14. Yeah I've done the parade quite a few times, the last one being in 2010 and I could not believe how big the crowds have gotten. If there ever was a test for a mobile network, 500,000+ people occupying a relatively small number of city blocks, I don't know what is? It will be interesting to see!
  15. I'm spending the next 3 nights in Chicago, excited to see the awesomeness that is (near) fully deployed NV+800! There will be huge crowds so it will be interesting to see how the post NV network handles the traffic.
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