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  1. @WWE @BrockLesnar @WWERomanReigns and will loose to bobby lashley

  2. @Ildymojo Rewnew Lucifer

  3. @tomellis17 The devil eats hot cross buns https://t.co/xavKE7HnpE

  4. @brittany_artus @davidhogg111 another brainwashed follower of david hogg

  5. @lenimorningstar @ScarMestevez I saw a youtube video where tom said season 4 will hint at a dark season

  6. @LesleyAnnBrandt @LuciferonFOX Lucifer don't like it https://t.co/3nuLnNAwyV

  7. @Ildymojo Will chloe see lucifers wings

  8. @LesleyAnnBrandt @TMobile I got boost unlimited everything plus 8 Gig of hot spot all for $50

  9. @ParisJackson Honey your beautiful god made you what you are

  10. @Alyssa_Milano well you made my mind up i'm renewing my NRA membership.. i'm unfollowing you

  11. @trutriciahelfer I'm confused and i'll stay that way

  12. @FlyinBrianJr Years ago a friend and i met your father at our local mall... they had a baby contest he said vote f… https://t.co/yKzrQWgikR

  13. @LesleyAnnBrandt @trutriciahelfer @LaurenGerman LOL that's awesome

  14. @LesleyAnnBrandt you look good in curls

  15. @NiaJaxWWE https://t.co/FU31w7IvZ2

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