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  1. tauruskazoo

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    Hah, another S4GRU member obsessively checking the Nexus 5 Waiting Room lol. I purchased mine the 15th, right after you. Black 16gb.
  2. I've been in the business a long time. This is big news. Sad, in a way.
  3. tauruskazoo

    Reason for very low quality images..?

    I was just wondering if Sprint, with Network Vision, was installing some silent, front-end compression technology to ease the load a little. I thought I caught compression artifacts on the web that didn't seem to be there on WiFi, but figured it was just being paranoid.
  4. I was told by a Samsung rep that the Galaxy S4 Active was an AT&T exclusive.
  5. tauruskazoo

    iOS 7 UDID Registration

    Hats off to you, sir. Fantastic way to keep up the community and be self-supportive. If I hadn't already registered my UDID, I'd do it here for the cause.
  6. Wow you're helpful! Thank you in advance! Yes, I have 1X geocoding enabled in preferences. Yes, I have rebooted. I have even uninstalled/reinstalled the app. They used to show 1X800 SID/NID/BID several weeks ago, along with an address below the 1X area with the appx location of the tower I was connected to. Now it only ever shows zeros. I am running stock Sprint rom (latest update LS970ZVB) and am not rooted. I'm sure if I got to know them, I'd love them. Thanks again!
  7. Seeing an issue where my LG Optimus G shows 1X800 in the engineering screen (channel 476), but SignalCheck doesn't seem to register 1X800 in the app. I do have the LTE alerts disabled, ALL alerts disabled, in fact. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. tauruskazoo

    Preferred network mode

    As a corporate store rep, I can confirm this is not the case. Some of us care and learn our jobs to the best of our ability. Some do not.
  9. tauruskazoo

    Sprint to buy spectrum, customers from USCC

    It does require credit approval, but so far with the customers I've switched over, that approval hasn't been a problem.
  10. Yes, it looks like 800mhz 1xRTT is becoming available in South Bend as well. Took that screen capture on my Optimus G just minutes ago.
  11. In South Bend here and seeing channel 725 as well.
  12. Same here on my Optimus G in South Bend, IN. Just started noticing it saying 1X 800.
  13. tauruskazoo

    Samsung Galaxy S III

    Agreed. The EVO deal didn't sell out yet, and that extra $50 is making me lean towards getting it. But I should be able to play with the GS3 today when I go in. For me, it's all about the screen.
  14. tauruskazoo

    Network Woes & Fixes

    I wish you'd explain this to my Ericsson area network manager. This is exactly what's been happening in our market. I'm sure not all of the blame can be placed on Ericsson, though. It's reactive upgrading and not proactive like NV.