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  1. That's rather terrible... I would first try a clean install of the OS without restoring from backup. You'll lose any data that was locally saved (such as saved game data and SMS message history) that's not backed up to a cloud server somewhere, but most everything else (Contacts, Email, etc.) will come back down from the cloud once you log into everything again. See if that resolves the battery problems, and if it does, you know it's a software issue with the old image. Steps to perform this are listed here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204686 If you're still experiencing massive battery drain, then you know it's a hardware issue and you can go to an Apple store, let them know you already tried a clean restore without restoring from backup, and hopefully they can take care of the issue with a replacement phone.
  2. I tried out T-Mobile a few months ago and found them to be very poor speed wise both downtown (by Schlitz Brewery) and in the inner city (along Capital and also Lisbon Ave). I usually couldn't muster anything over 3-5 Mbps. There not too terrible in the suberbs though around Mayfair Mall.
  3. Personally I think the iPhone 5s is the best looking phone Apple has made. I'm not a huge fan of the iPhone 6 design with the antenna lines and the slippery back. The nice thing is Apple will replace your current iPhone 5s for just $269 (https://www.apple.com/support/iphone/repair/other/). I just did this with my 2 year old iPhone 5s and now I have a shiny new phone with a new battery.
  4. I'm having the same issue on ATT LTE. Noticed it about a week or two ago. I think it started with the new iPhone 6S Plus, but not certain. It's very annoying - took about 2 hours for Facebook (90 MB) to download over the ATT LTE network while I was able to do a SpeedTest and received over 40 Mbps down. It appears to be an issue with the CDN that the phone is connecting to when on LTE. Apple uses Akamai and Level 3 for App Store distributions, and I'm guessing the CDN that's chosen when connected to LTE is different than the one when connected to my home WiFi (Time Warner using the Google DNS server).
  5. I would also recommend checking Target. The Targets in the Milwaukee area all have 6's and the one my friend went to on the west side also had a Sprint 6+ in stock.
  6. Yeppers! Once they've done their thing you just connect the phone to iTunes and do a restore. From there you're all set.
  7. Yeah, didn't have any issue at all. I've heard you need to be in good standing for 4 months (payed on time) and then just call them and let them know you're going to be going overseas. They'll unlock it without issue!
  8. Another really good option if you have the time / patience for it is getting the phone unlocked for international use by Sprint customer service and then selling it on eBay for international sale. I just sold my iPhone 5s 16 GB for $530 on eBay about 2 weeks ago with no issues.
  9. I had the same question and wrote it up in Excel. This DOES include the cost of the phones, since currently the ED plans do include a new phone every 2 years. For comparison purposes I assume a new phone on the Framily plans every 2 years as well. If you do not get a new phone every 2 years, the Framily plans will become cheaper than listed, but it will still take some time to even out with the current ED plan. A couple notes: - The Framily plan appears to be cheaper if you go with the 3GB for each line, however this does not include the cost of the phones. After adding in phone costs the plan is more expensive than the current ED plan. - The Framily plans may be cheaper if you go with a lower end phone. I've included 2 iPhones (or similar cost phones) and 1 low cost phone, as this is my current setup. If anyone has any questions or sees anything wrong let me know and I can update.
  10. Yes, it's much more of a logarithmic scale than a linear one. The dots change more rapidly as your dBa reading worsens. For those that are curious, below is the dots/bars to dBa mapping iPhones use. I wasn't able to find similar information for the N5, but if anyone has it I think it may be interesting.
  11. Just tested that out as well and yep, tapping that section of the screen switches back and forth between the dots and dBm.
  12. A new jailbreak tweak was just released that shows the dBm in the iPhone status bar without the need to use the Apple Field Test screen workaround. There is also one for WiFi. I've tested out on my Sprint iPhone and it works as expected. Much easier than the field test workaround! Numeric GSM Enabler Numeric Wifi Enabler The tweaks can be found in Cydia and are enabled from the Settings app. http://modmyi.com/content/13687-how-easily-put-numeric-rssi-indicator-your-status-bar-wi-fi-cellular.html
  13. I'm also getting excellent LTE coverage at Capital and 100; guessing one of the towers in the area just went live yesterday.
  14. Looks like the Sprint coverage maps have been updated to state Milwaukee has LTE coverage!
  15. I was also experiencing issues yesterday making outgoing calls from around 100 and Capital. The other Sprint phone we have was also experiencing issues. After making the call there would be silence for about 15 seconds, then a busy signal. This has been occurring intermittently the past 2 or 3 days.
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