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  1. Those are wrong, sorry to break it to you. I know for fact Sprint lists the the Blaine/Coon Rapids NV was completed on July 10th, but the towers won't function properly for months (October supposedly). LTE and NV are 2 different things btw. And my post isn't inaccurate. I know this for a fact. Being a sponsor, no way I'm paying for that. Your paid info is scoped from a Sprint rep.
  2. Just to let you guys know if your area hasn't gone through Network Vision yet get ready for your service to suck while it is happening (Sprint is like 13% done with NV in Minneapolis Market). Network Vision was started in Blaine/Coon Rapids at the beginning of July and even though the towers are complete from what I understand, service is extremely spotty. Tons of drops (10 to 12% drop rate), slow data, no text messages coming thru, and lots of other intermittent service.
  3. I got LTE in Rogers today and right now I got LTE in Elk River (1st time right now).. I didn't know the tower was ready but it looks like I'll be doing some research tomorrow.. Speeds are slow tho, 2.6 mbs..
  4. It does have to be verified in store to warrant a replacement (i.e. failing a signal test). According to Sensorly there's LTE coverage. Remember Sensorly is not official coverage.
  5. Yes if the LTE isn't working the phone completely it would be replaced but currently, there isn't a Sprint Repair store that has LTE connectivity over it in MN. They would not be able to confirm the issue.
  6. Its not. Just like all those that bought EVO's with WiMax, and never got WiMax coverage. You should read your terms of service. Its just like 3G and any other wireless network. You can lose connection when you go into valleys. There's an active LTE tower in the Corcoran area (2 actually), so you could be getting 4G LTE from there. Also, I like how many of you get upset when told false information from a rep. Rep's go on info that's been passed to them from others within Sprint. Reps are generally told not to tell customers about internal information. BTW, WiMax was suppose to expand into the St. Cloud area. Its not the Sprint reps fault it didn't happen.
  7. I can tell you guys there's some 4G in Oak Grove.. Oak Grove is north of Coon Rapids and Andover.. I know someone who has the Optimus G and she got 4G in that area.
  8. There's a tower in the middle of Wisconsin that has LTE and its around nothing. Completed tower from what I understand.
  9. I guarantee it. I seen the screenshot.. and she's rubbing it in tonight she still has it..
  10. LTE is working in parts of Blaine, MN.. I know people that got it today, and it wasn't just a test because they are still getting it tonight.
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