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  1. @Joe_Davis Hahaha Joe

  2. @Maverik anything idea why I get this message every time I try to use Android Pay at the pump? It used to work. https://t.co/beTzm98UYt

  3. Last night after the #UTGOP forced us at the caucus event to watch an ad promoting a campaign to eliminate signatur… https://t.co/EcAhvN9RHB

  4. @ronxo Any email that is low priority should not be sent.

  5. @Lesdoggg @NBCOlympics @Olympics holy crap hilarious.

  6. @RonAmadeo Thanks Ron for this article. Very true. The qualcomm chip is awful. The LG Sport Watch battery life is… https://t.co/PBlSAMtoJQ

  7. @forumbluegold Exactly what I thought when I first saw this play!

  8. @tdbtci66 hi Titus! My wife and I are planning on visiting Salt Cay in late February just for one day. Is the islan… https://t.co/ybeGDDCWxF

  9. @TwistNHook Crazy thing is that UCLA whipped us: https://t.co/xwa4hMFO9V

  10. RT @backlon: I hate how crowded airports are during the holidays https://t.co/NBNVUYGKeA

  11. @realDonaldTrump I can't believe a word you say

  12. RT @kerpen: Jones finishes at 93.5% of Hillary Clinton's raw vote total. Moore at 49.8% of Trump's.

  13. @chasethansen I'm muting you on Twitter and Facebook for a little while. You completely spoiled Star Wars Episode 7

  14. @SpencerJCox @conniechung Definitely a Utah Mormon thing. I never saw them growing up in LA. But all over here.

  15. @petecassell I don't think we could re-sign Cody and Corey and Kershaw if we took this on

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