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  1. Yes, no overage charges. Just slowed after using 3GB. With "banking it" now, you can have the extra high speed when you need it few times in the year. Like I said, it's options for people who would benefit. If you don't need it, that's fine. But I think most would rather have one than not. You and I see it differently. I see it half full, you see it half empty. no right or wrong answer. Just different.
  2. So you rather pay for 3GB anyway since you use 1GB or more but not even have an option to keep it for a rainy day. Is that right?
  3. So data stash doesn't make sense? Letting people keep what they paid for and use it when they might need it, is not worth it? Wow... just wow.
  4. Who said anything about not using it. When you signed up for 3GB and end up using 2GB, you can stash 1GB for later. Why is that over paying? It's no different from anyone who shares data and not use it all. So at year end, you might have 10GB plus whatever you didn't use or you might have less then that left. Still an option vs not being able to use it at all after the month ends and you didn't use it all.
  5. I just don't get you at all. You said earlier that what T-Mobile is doing is gimmick. So I am saying to some that's what they call it and to some it's options. From that, you are saying installment billing and 2 year contracts are gimmicks? They are options for some and gimmick to you.
  6. Gimmick to some... options for others. Don't need it, don't get it. iPhone lease program from Sprint? Gimmick to some... options for others.
  7. That's you. For some, this is groundbreaking since they can use the stash when they might need more data couple of the month/s throughout the year. And the fact that you can use it for tethering as well, is nice. same all of thoes GB's for a hugh download at the end of the year!! just saying....
  8. And now with Data Stash, you can use all the rolled over data for hotspot too.
  9. That is in essence what they are doing by providing tools to allow people to check their real speed. There is no right or wrong way in doing what you describe. It's just a different way for them to do it. Again the example with home ISP. That example doesn't make sense compared to what T-Mobile is doing. ISP does not sell unlimited data with limited high speed data after certain GB usage. They are not paying for high speed data but high speed data up to certain gb's. Simply put, consumers are paying for data.
  10. And they also are now going to provide the right tools to allow those who are throttled to see their real speed.
  11. You are missing the point. Cable sells service based on speed. Cell companies sell service based on gb used. Those are two different things. It's not that you are cheap or anyone who gets limited data plan is cheap. It is a choice the consumer made. Why can't a company show you what you would get if you had a 3gb plan or higher and also provide ways you can test for what you currently get because you decided to get the 1gb plan?
  12. Yes. You get the current speed you pay for when on cable/dsl/fios. That's what you agreed to get for the price you pay. I don't see the false advertising argument here. When you are signing up for service with T-Mobile, you get 1GB, 3 GB, 5GB or Unlimited 4G LTE service for certain price point. Afterward, you get throttled speed. So when someone runs a speed test and sees what they can get if they were not limited by their data plan, that's false advertising? And cellular isn't the same as cable/dsl/fios. You don't sign up for certain speed plan. You sign up for data limits. Very different. So because T-Mobile and the customer agrees to the throttled speeds after certain data limit, T-Mobile should report the slower speed as their real speed, even though it isn't what T-Mobile can do at that point, at that location? I think what T-Mobile is going to do by letting the user get their "real" speed and also keeping speedtest apps to reflect their "potential" speed when not throttled is a fine middle ground.
  13. Just wondering if anyone notices drop in speeds on B41 with more and more people getting iPhones or B41 capable phones. Anyone notice differences?
  14. Looking forward to reading all your tests on the new iPhone 6 with Spark.
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