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  1. I've noticed a few intermittent issues downtown over the past couple of weeks. I'm hoping it means their working on the B26 rollout, but I have no idea whether that's the case. AFAIK, I haven't connected to any B26 with my phone yet.
  2. I even got one for my 80 yr old dad. The only thing he has trouble with is the idea that he has to use Google Voice for his voicemail. Other than that, he loves it.
  3. Yes, I had called them earlier that day, but they weren't in my phone book. It was probably cached on my phone when they called me.
  4. I've had it work for me. When the local Firestone Auto Center called to say my car was ready, their logo was displayed along with their phone number.
  5. Thanks! Just ordered a red Surface case. I had Seidio Surface cases on my OG EVO and EVO LTE and I loved them.
  6. I had the same issue a few weeks ago when I activated mine... it kept thinking I was on Atlantic time instead of Eastern time. I just set it to manual and forgot about it. I almost never travel outside of the Eastern time zone anyway.
  7. I'm still on 4.4 and my baseband is m8974a-
  8. I had no problems following twitter, instagram, and scores of other games while at the IU game. I didn't really try any speed tests or heavy duty usage. Since my Nexus 5 is completely stock, I know that I'm connecting to band 25 LTE (1900) since bands 26 (800) & 41 (2600) are disabled for now. I attribute the improvement to the better RF design of the Nexus over the EVO LTE. This shouldn't be a surprise given the EVO's reputation as a poorer than average performer when it comes to LTE reception. I assume it will be a long time before Indy gets any band 41 since we never had more than a couple of WiMAX towers here. I do expect we should start seeing some band 26 sometime next year, but that's just an assumption on my part as I have no specific information on rollout schedules other than what can be found on this site.
  9. I live in Southport and work downtown in the Indiana government center. Today was first day in the office with new phone and LTE works much more consistently than with my EVO. My office is in the center of the building and I can still pull about 5 Mbps down with the Nexus. My EVO could barely get to 1 Mbps down. Also was able to keep a decent LTE signal in Assembly Hall tonight at the IU game.
  10. Yep, picked one up Friday afternoon at the corporate store on the south side. I'm not experiencing any of the CSFB/eCSFB problems described in the article on the wall. The LTE radio is a beast that averages 10-15 db better than my EVO LTE.
  11. So far, I've only set up GV to replace the voicemail app. So far, the basic Google Now weather is working for me and if I need/want more, I have the Accuweather app installed. It has a decent 4x1 widget. I haven't really started looking for replacements for the Calendar or Messaging app. I always liked the Sense versions and this is my first non-HTC phone in about 4 years.
  12. Holy cow... just waded through more than 500 posts since Friday morning! I broke down and stopped by my neighborhood corporate store on Friday afternoon and picked up a black (16gb) N5. An LG rep was in the store setting up the display models of the N5 & G2 and she let me play with both of hers. The G2 is nice, but I opted for the N5 based on the value and the fact that it's a Nexus. It took them forever to get it up and running (huge system update out of the box) so I left and had lunch while they were working on it. Once they were done, the first app I installed was SignalCheckPro and I was blown away by the LTE signal strength. It is generally 10 to 15 db better than my EVO LTE everywhere I've taken it so far. The real test will be when I take it to work on Tues where I could barely get LTE due to my office being in the center of the building. I have not experienced the connectivity issues reported in this thread, but I think that's due to Indianapolis being nearly 3G complete with very few 4G only sites left. Initial impressions after a few days of use: 1. LTE radio is a beast. 2. Phone is very light, but build quality seems to be high. 3. Took some getting used to the power button being on the right and the volume rockers on the left. 4. Battery life is similar to what I experienced with my EVO, but it's too early to make any proclamations about that yet. 5. Fast, responsive user interface. 6. Missing a few of the old Sense apps from my EVO. I liked their calendar widget, messaging app, and clock/weather widget, but I'm slowly finding replacements. Next thing I replace will probably be a messaging app to replace Hangouts. 7. Initially missed voicemail app, but thanks to this thread I've now set up Google Voice to handle that and it has worked well in testing so far. 8. So far, the only app I use which doesn't work is the Uverse app. I'm guessing it doesn't like KitKat and needs to be updated. It just crashes as soon as I try to authenticate with my Uverse login credentials. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchase. Additionally, my mom is happy as she was able to replace her crappy Viper LTE with my old EVO LTE.
  13. When you say weaker signal, are you meaning the dBm reported? Keep in mind that the CDMA/EVDO signal strengths are reported as RSSI and LTE is reported as RSRP (both measured in dBm). In my experience, the RSSI signal is usually about 15 dBm better than the RSRP signal, but so is the usable range. For example, if you are getting an RSSI of -85 dBm on EVDO, you would expect to get about -100 dBm on LTE if connected to the same tower. The usable range for CDMA/EVDO RSSI runs to about -100 dBm, while the usable range for LTE RSRP runs to about -115 dBm. There's a lot of folks who know a lot more about this than I do on here and if you want to get into more specifics you could probably search the forums for past discussions about this and get a much more complete (and knowledgeable) explanation.
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