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  1. Another issue that I've noticed, is that when I'm on Wifi calling I am unable to send text messages... This doesn't make any sense to me. Per SCP, it looks like I'm connected to 1x and wifi, but when I try to send a text message it simply states "Not sent. Tap to try again." When I tap this, it simply 'refreshes' and says the same thing. Anyone else have the same issue? I wonder if this is somehow MB related? I do have a MagicBox at home. With it being connected to 1x though, I wouldn't think I would be attached to the MB. EDIT: The confusion continues... I think Wifi Calling is lik
  2. Blah, very annoying indeed. I'm glad to hear that more people are having the same issue. I've noticed with wifi calling enabled at least I get phone calls while roaming. Thankfully, most of the places that have terrible service for me have great Wi-Fi service, just by chance. I wonder if roaming calls in are just plain broken then on Pixel 3 XL. Oddly enough, they call out just fine. No issue at all. They even sound great when connected...
  3. So, two issues I've noticed. First, wifi calling enabled with Google Voice for voicemail doesn't work. More specifically it looks like the conditional forwarding doesn't work... When people call they either go nowhere or to the voicemail from Sprint. Secondly, with wifi calling I seem to be having intermittent sms issues while on a phone call. More often than not it says text failed and refuses to send until I hang up the phone call. Anyone else having these issues? I'm thinking I'm going to have to switch to Sprint VVM and keep Wi-Fi calling enabled... B
  4. So, this thread isn't very active... How is the radio on this bad boy? The 3 XL will be delivered on Wednesday, :D. Wish it had VoLTE out of the box, here's to hoping it will at least get it .
  5. I'm assuming you all purchased directly from Google? I bought mine back in the day from Amazon and Huawei is being obnoxious about warranty / any information.
  6. Oh okay, maybe Google Voice forwarding? I've just heard local sims are MUCH cheaper and would obviously provide better service than roaming.
  7. Option 3. Use an unlocked phone and buy a sim while you are over there. Do you have a phone other than the iPhone 6S?
  8. Anyone have root and use NSG on the S8? It would show more clearly...
  9. You guys watched him do it remotely, right? What does he do? It cannot be that hard of a process? Is he just flashing the 'U' software?
  10. Oakley707

    HTC U Ultra

    Both bricked? Oof.
  11. I just had this happen to me yesterday and after I cleared Google Now and Google data / cache it worked. My cache had built up to almost 200MB, so I'm wondering if was related. I am on the latest May update though as well. Nexus 6P for me...
  12. To clarify, when you "update profile" you are doing exactly that, resetting your settings to default. May I ask why you are changing the settings and then doing an update profile? You shouldn't have to manually update profile, really ever unless you are having device / tower issues... There is no workaround.
  13. i didn't know that. That would be interesting, curious to find out if that is in fact true. Rapid charging thru type C is just so fast comparatively. Thanks for the information.
  14. Just my $.02, but when I went to the 6P, I abandoned all previous USB-3.0 battery sources as even with the Google provided adapter / cable the phone would NOT charge "rapidly". I only have one cord now that I use for flashing / updates, but all other times I use a C to C. Seems silly to use these adapters when you lose the ability to fast charge the battery.
  15. Touche, I just did the Feb. security update. All hope is not lost, .
  16. Just updated last night and unless I'm blind or blatantly missing something, the 6p missed out on gestures...
  17. The "I" firmware is the Jan. 1st security patch, while the "J" version is the Jan. 5th patch. Go with the last one. I have confirmed it working for Sprint at least...
  18. Oh okay, for a minute I thought you were trying to show 3xCA which is NOT what that screenshot was showing. Sorry for being so short in my request.
  19. What is your point of the screenshot...?
  20. Rooting on the 6P is sooo easy. I agree, I do not use it for much though...
  21. Have you tried Network Signal Guru? That is what we use locally to confirm B41 2x CA. Root provides you with the most information.
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