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  1. My phone is basically useless in and around town center. Literally a useless brick. Have had great success on the LTE network however. Only time I ran into troubles was downtown during the food truck rally and with a couple thousand people in one square block the cell network struggled even on LTE. Here at the beach at 9:15pm I just pulled 3.87 down / 0.55 up with two bars. Not spectacular but good enough for most anything I'm doing to include netflix.
  2. from what I've gathered they'll accept a site so the contractor gets paid however they won't turn it on until the backhaul is installed. so blame whoever is running fiber
  3. sprint 3G is basically worthless, especially during rush hour. everywhere I've been on sprint LTE i've had great success except during the food truck rally downtown two weeks ago when so many people gathered in such a small area, then the LTE started to slow dramatically but it was still better than 3G. they're still expanding the network. they just replaced the tower in front of Mayport and both my 3G and LTE got considerably better. where before I couldn't even bring up Google now I can stream Netflix all day long if I so desired. so best advice I can give -- keep waiting it out and it'll get better. if you can't wait and you're near the end of your contract then Verizon is probably your best bet, or T-Mobile if you never plan on leaving the city limits.
  4. Jax beach tower is up and functional :-) So now everywhere along the beach from Mayport all the way down to JTB is bathed in LTE goodness.
  5. the map shows a newly accepted 4G tower south of Beach Blvd in Jax Beach but I don't seem to be picking it up :-(
  6. LTE800 won't help if your phone doesn't support it :-( they still have MASSIVE holes in JAX's coverage, like all of Kernan, Hodges, and San Pablo. And south of Beach Blvd along the beaches. the upgraded towers out side of Mayport have made a WORLD of difference on base, especially within buildings.
  7. Jax beach finally got some love!!! I don't know which tower but I noticed LTE strong and fast up around the 13th ave north and 3ed street area. Kind of near mellow mushroom.
  8. Mayport is pretty well lit up with LTE now. Discovered a downside however, with the poor building penetration where I work my phone's battery gets drained extremely quickly as it attempts to maintain the 4G connection. First world problems :-( Now Jax beach needs some love!
  9. Pretty insane speedtest I got tonight at around Racetrack Road/San Jose Blvd area. Pretty insane that my iPhone on LTE has a faster connection to the internet than it does at home on my Comcast cable modem.
  10. Well it must just be the particular tower I'm on, because down at Atlantic/Kernan at about 6pm data was absolutely useless. Websites wouldn't load, speedtest timed out. After attempting speedtest about 13-14 times it finally ran and did around 600ms ping time with a 0.01 download and 0.0 download. Which is pretty much normal for Sprint at rush hour. Judging by apparent signal strength on my phone and locations of Sprint towers I'd wager I'm on a different tower than here at home where I pulled half way decent 3G yesterday at the same time.
  11. Well up here at the top end of Kernan I just pulled 1.04 down and .22 up with a ping of 132. Better than normal for sure. Websites are loading, google maps actually works. I still haven't seen anyone work on this tower though.
  12. Well the real test is attempt the speed test again at about 530-6pm tonight and see what happens. Usually it'll just time out or get .01 download and upload speeds, basically useless. I'll try it again as well during that time frame.
  13. I just got 1.8mb down and .82 up and I'm near the northern end of Kernan. I haven't seen anyone work on the tower up here so I expect these are just normal speeds for off-peak hours :-(
  14. from personal experience both Sprint and T-Mobile are basically worthless while on NAS Jax, particularly as you approach the eastern side. Verizon might be your best bet for NAS Jax service.
  15. just outside the front gate of Mayport: sitting in the parking lot of the Navy Exchange: upload was a bit jumpy maybe. really strong around the navy exchange but by the time I got to wonderwood/A1A it was gone. are these download speeds pretty average for LTE?
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