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  1. Looks like some new sensorly activity in PG county. On the beltway just north of 450.
  2. check out the deployment running list to answer that question. Work started about a year ago. So far no markets are 100% complete. Best is Chicago area.
  3. At the beginning of the season, the sports pundits (Mike and Mike) said the Redskins would be in last place. Guess they were wrong.
  4. I'm getting LTE at my job in Springfield finally. The signal must be too weak though, cause it is so slow!!!! So 4g wimax was better. hopefully they'll activate some closer towers...
  5. I wonder if the sensorly locations are now off. I've found sites off that were clearly on the day before. only way to know for sure would be to go to an area that is officially live, or coordinate with someone who has confirmed working lte. I also remember reading about the evo having some lte issues on xda forums.
  6. I haven't seen LTE in VA since last week. Did get some on MD beltway yesterday, but not today.
  7. decided to go to college park and make sure 4g was still working on my phone. haven't been getting any signal and just assumed they turned the towers off. I was right. college park still shows lte. I'm amazed at how easily the gs3 gets screenshots!
  8. I can confirm that my phone does not pick up LTE in PG county by the beltway. I also didn't get any signal in VA. Either more work needs to be done, or they stopped/blocked broadcasting until later.
  9. I wonder if that was there during my commute. It wasn't on sensorly when I left work. Had over 600 points in mapping when I got home. couldn't figure out where I got it, cause i didn't see any 4g icons in Maryland where there was sensorly mapping from the last few days. i figured i must have been paying more attention to the road than my phone (which is a good thing right). Then i get home and see a bunch of data in VA!!! too bad there is nothing at my office...
  10. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/gallery/image/128-sprint-market-map-baltimore/ Crofton appears to be in Baltimore. I suspect Bowie is too. it's on the border, near the train tracks.
  11. I've been lurking for a while, and decided to sign up to comment about "Soooo Happy!" post. I have no reason to think that this rumor is not true, for several reasons. For one, it stands to reason that Spring would have a goal to have LTE up by black Friday. That allows them to tap into the Christmas season market a lot more effectively. Secondly, such a goal would go along with a simultaneous Shentel launch of VA/WV/PA launch. We all know that Sprint is running behind their goals with the LTE deployment, and we also know that they are leaving towers on before the DC launch. This is why we have sensorly reports, and people keep announcing here where they get LTE. Finally, there have been new reports of one or two towers in the DC area seemingly becoming active in the last week, so I suspect sec0pz got his/her tower. In any case, I don't care how much of dc has lte, and I don't care how long it takes. I just want lte at my house, my inlaws house, and my job. But I'm gonna have to wait, because they weren't working any any of "my" towers.
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