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  1. Made a mistake with this. I think i'm actually getting LTE from over in Valparaiso. I only get LTE in my apartment (2nd level) in Portage. Not getting it once I go downstairs and/or get in my car.
  2. Geting LTE in Portage, IN on my IPAD, but not on my note. Going to work on changing my PRL back to the test one that was previously on my Note 2 to see if that helps. Got 8.28 on download and 1.47 on upload.
  3. Spoke with an AT&T engineer who did a fiber install at my job. We talked briefly about how AT&T installed all switches last summer for Sprints lake county network and that another vendor (i'm guessing Verizon since they're the local telco for Porter county) is doing the fiber for Porter counties. Hopefully they finish up soon.
  4. That's the area i was more referring too. I live near Mendards but I haven't got anything yet. *insert sad face* It's funny to me that I was dropping off my wife at work in Westville (country) and got LTE on the way there, but can't get anything in Portage, Lake Station, Crown Point (a.k.a. the more populated areas).
  5. Anyone have any other update for the area ? At this point I don't visit the site too much because it feels too much like 2 AM Christmas morning and I keep looking at the clock every 2 minutes. I can only speak for Northwest Indiana in saying while there has been some progress, I would have thought everything would have been completed in Chicagoland, especially considering most of everything left is MW backhaul. I guess even with billions of dollars, it's still possible to bite off more than you can chew......
  6. I had the same experience at O'Hare while going to Texas a few weeks back.
  7. I know that some of them have backhaul issues, but in most cases i'm get anywhere from 1.5 - 2mpbs speeds on most of the towers i'm connecting too. Thought that was an indicator of connected backhaul. If it's still backhaul, then it must be issues related to microwave backhaul. In my experience with various clients and telecomm in this area, fiber is usually a 3-6 month install once a contract is signed. I may have sneak a few dollars past the wife and sign up for the premiere sponsorship. Really interested to see the breakdown on backhaul for each tower.
  8. I think the last time Robert talked about it (mid Jan or early Feb) he stated they would probably have everything completed in Feb. Originally it was schedule to be worked on in October/November. They did come through early March and converted everything that was at 3G, or not even touched at all to 3G/800, so i'm hoping they come through in the next few weeks and move everything to LTE. I'm just a Windows/Cisco guy, and i'm working on my project management, but what I don't understand is why Sprint doesn't turn on the LTE. From what I understand (I may be wrong), engineers basically come and install all equipment needed. They then test 3G, stop, and come back later, and test 3G/800, and LTE before they turn it on. Why don't they just turn on everything on the tower (3G/800/4G) and come back later for testing purposes. That way, they can make it available to the public for now and still certify later. From what I can see, most towers (in my area) have their backhaul. I see multiple towers in the area pulling down 1.5-2MB on the 3G side. I believe that is an indicator that the backhaul is there. I'm sure they can access the tower remotely and flip the switch for LTE. Then again, i've seen some pics around the forum where they (engineers) don't even plug the 800/LTE cables in on the tower. Not trying to cause a uprising, just frustrated..LOL.
  9. I'm in your same area basically. I frequent Portage, Valpo, and Chesterton. I did get some LTE coverage in between Valpo and Westville. I was in Chesterton this past Thursday and got no LTE. Never got any LTE here in Portage either. Most of the towers out this way I hear are microwave backhaul. Just starting to get frustrated.
  10. I get frustrated with my area because there are no complexities like that over here (east of I-65) at all. From what Robert is saying now is that there is a lack of technical staff that are qualified and/or certified to do the work. I think I have to start taking breaks from the forum cause I'm going LTE crazy and seeing timelines, and other movement in other markets frustrates me even more sometimes.
  11. The deployment running list displays a certain date (don't wanna violate rules so I won't say date) of completion as well as percentage. When Robert states this, I think he's talking not about actual completion, but what percentage of sites have been touched at all. I'm more interested in seeing how fast the sites come to total completion since the weather is changing. There are a LOTS of sites that haven't come to TOTAL completion.
  12. Ready to see if the "warmer weather equates to more sites getting done quicker" theory will ring true for the Chicago area.
  13. No. Work and live over in Northwest Indiana. Intrestingly enough though, I also noticed a difference in Chicago. Went to a resturaunt over in Chicago before and after the 800MHZ prl change and notice a 2-3 bar difference as well.
  14. Defenitely. I work in a building that was built during the 1960's and previously could only get 1 bar wit the cell tower only being a half a mile away. After installing the 800MHZ prl, i'm getting 5 bars all day everyday.
  15. Is anyone still working on embedding the NV completed tower map with the sensorly map ?
  16. "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn't, then it wasn't meant to be." ~Uknown
  17. Once the network connection leaves the tower, what happens ? Is there a VPN to a market hub or does it go out to the cloud and straight to Kansas City through a VPN ? Intrested in the learning the back end logistics of how it work ?
  18. Talked with a rep earlier this morning. Comcast (Chicago Market) only offers a max of 6MPBS (up/down) on their fiber over coax service at this point. In my eyes, if your looking for more stability than speed, then it would be ok to go with this solution. Needless to say we decided to go with a full fiber quote.
  19. We are currently looking into getting this service for the government entity that I work for. It's basically one step up from your Comcast Business Class type of service. Only launched in a handful of cities right now (Comcast customers) and should be going nationwide pretty soon. I should have more info on this some time next week.
  20. something tells me that the politics of doing a fiber network nationwide was harder (politics/red tape) than they thought....now they doing wireless broadband network for home use.....wireless in home LTE router perhaps ?
  21. Having an issue with Sensorly. When i open up the map, it starts loading as if i'm in NYC. I press the locate button on the map, and then it drifts to the area i'm actually in. Using Samsung Note II. Behavior only started in the last 3-4 weeks. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Behavior still continues. Any suggestions ?
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