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  1. @NationalPro shout out to the guys at your Houston DoubleTree Galleria location for Going above and beyond. #excellentservice

  2. @JMcarp35 Breaking new: LSU’s AD is now the head football coach of the LSU tigers. #letOcoach

  3. RT @whoismattglover: LOOK AT THIS DUDE https://t.co/2HORMuBudP

  4. #madebygoogle anybody else get the feeling that they are not going to focus on mobile as much in the future?

  5. RT @UWDawgsBlogger: Someone check on our favorite @UWTickets employee @whoismattglover he can't be pleased with this LSU outcome

  6. RT @irongeek_adc: Retail Store/POS Penetration Testing Daniel Brown @dbrow43 for @DerbyCon https://t.co/n2fqFuDk6v

  7. RT @News_PSC: Come see @dbrow43 speak at @DerbyCon this Friday! Retail Store/#POS Penetration Testing - Stable Talks at 5:30pm https://t.c…

  8. @espn @NoWatchESPN why is it that everyone I've talked to is having issues with watchespn and it constantly freezing and buffering???

  9. Another summer another intersession #gametime

  10. If you want to try the best banking experience let me know I have invites #getsimple

  11. Dbrow43

    HTC ONE user thread

    I'm thinking about not using a case on my one has anyone had any issues with the back getting scratched up? Sent from my HTC One
  12. Dbrow43

    HTC ONE user thread

    I will say that the HTC One has the best keyboard I've ever used for non swype typing Sent from my HTC One
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