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  1. Not to be a negative Nancy but has anyone actually received said update yet?
  2. I saw some workers on two towers in Hobe Sound a few weeks back and when they left it looked like network vision equipment had been installed, however no 4g. Then this morning I got a wonderful surprise, they must have flipped on the switch. So I opened up sensorly and mapped it. I’ll do some more exploring later today after work.
  3. LTE going strong by Okeechobee and Jog near my work. Sure is nice to see some usable speeds on sprint again. Now if Martin County can get some LTE upgrades and I'll be set.
  4. Does anyone know if the company C-Mark (http://www.cmarkcorp.com/portfolio.html) works for Ericsson, or if Ericsson works for them? The past few days I've seen trucks with C-Mark's name on the side and they're working on the tower near my house. According to Florida's network vision site map here's the tower info: MI13XC249 27.078340389409764, -80.1436057292412, 8137-8213 SE Pettway St, Hobe Sound, FL 33455, USA Sprint Market: Orlando OEM: Ericsson I was just curious if they're getting things ready for Network Vision. They don't seem to be on the actual tower, but working down bel
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