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  1. I would agree with you but.... my husband has the SG3 and he did not pick up the 4G either until we were right next to the tower in LOL. Both phones hung on to the 3G as long as possible.
  2. I am finding that the iPhone hangs on to 3G as long as possible before switching over to LTE. Even toggling airplane mode will take 3G over LTE. The mapping on Sensorly is misleading because the 3G towers are taking priority. I can't connect to LTE in the lighter shades on Sensorly... only the deep purple will it switch over. Hope this isn't always the case :/
  3. Box is far superior to Dropbox, IMHO. Most apps will upload to both but Box gives all iOS devices free 10gb of space. Another app well worth the price is UPad. It allows you to type or write on PDF's as well as create blank pages to draw, etc...
  4. Land O Lakes LTE tower vs Hillsborough Ave 3G
  5. I linked my speed test on an earlier post. I got 31.96 down and 8.35 up at the Land O Lakes tower! Pretty impressive numbers
  6. No LTE at Wiregrass. The tower is west of I75. I picked up some pretty impressive speeds on a few speed tests. The dismal one's are from US 41 https://www.box.com/s/ft07idcwz2nfuf3x6d9u
  7. I live in Land O Lakes along 54. How does Sensorly report back? I have been checking, but nothing yet. Would love to help out if I can. Just want to make sure it records LTE if (when) I pick it up Patiently waiting...
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