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  1. newyork4me

    Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    There should be strong hope for us L.A. folks shortly. I believe SB 649 was allowed to go into law today without the governor's signature--this is the bill that allows small cells (basically everywhere) and for no more than $250/YEAR rent charge. With those favorable attributes, Sprint/Mobilitie should be able to put a small cell on every corner. EDIT: Disregard. It got a late night veto.
  2. newyork4me

    Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    When I go back next month, I will. I didn't actually expect to have it discover any B26, so I wasn't looking at my Sprint phone.
  3. newyork4me

    Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    I drove to Temecula yesterday with CellMapper on my Sprint line (Unlocked Galaxy S8)--it showed 2 new B26 LTE connections on the 91 in Orange County and a half-dozen B26 LTE connections on the 15 between Corona/Temecula in Riverside. Maybe it's COMING SOON!
  4. Let me help you out: there is 0% chance of Verizon merging with Sprint.
  5. newyork4me

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    And T-Mobile is stealing the spotlight again on Jan. 5th, 2017 with their NEXT Un-Carrier event.
  6. newyork4me

    IBEZ 800MHz Retrofit

    They for sure do...sadly, at this rate, the 600mhz spectrum might be clear for use before SMR. Lol
  7. Marcelo's twitter feed. It's live in NYC @ The World Trade Center.
  8. newyork4me

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    I think AT&T merging with T-Mobile and Verizon merging with Sprint is as likely as you getting hit by lightning while winning the lottery and giving birth to a unicorn, after drinking beers with a leprechaun. Actually, the latter scenario is probably a bit more likely.
  9. newyork4me

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Well, for one, the CMA with the largest number of people (Los Angeles-Long Beach-San Bernardino) won't have B26 LTE for likely at least another year.
  10. Yea, that'll work well. /sarcasm Our public schools are underperforming, with places like LA public schools trying for 50-60% graduation rates. Our public roads are literally crumbling before our eyes. Meanwhile, our private schools are a beacon of success for college preparation and our toll roads are generally well maintained. But don't let facts get you down for your Bernie love-fest rally later today.
  11. newyork4me

    Sprint wants to save $1B by relocating towers

    Nonsense. This happens all the time --> We've seen MetroPCS walk away from about 8,000 leases when they were integrated with T-Mobile, and Nextel left many leases behind too. The carriers just pay a fee to the tower company and head out the door. You statement is tantamount to: customers can't leave Verizon because they have a 2-year contract.
  12. You incorrectly assume that "fair" does not allow for a reliable signal. Numerous people have stated that "fair signal" actually means what it says--not "if you stand on your head and do a rain dance you might be able to send one text out" like a certain yellow-branded carrier uses it to mean. For example, this user is reporting new coverage: https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/3t6p4y/new_tmobile_native_coverage_in_roxboro_nc/ . And he plainly says: "Not sure why it says Fair Signal as I was getting 5-4 bars." And, yes, I absolutely believe them. I have a handful of Verizon lines with unlimited everything (voice/text/un-throttled data), yet I find myself carrying my T-Mobile line as primary. I have no issues whatsoever with network coverage now, and I get better service in large metro areas (such as Los Angeles) because T-Mobile started with the best cell grid and then overlaid low-band on top. The porting ratios don't lie, and since Sprint is cheaper than all the carriers, there's pretty much only one other reason for people to leave--the network.
  13. Let's be clear: the difference between the 280 million POPs that Sprint and T-mobile had at the start of the year (and Sprint still has now--rounding up in their favor, no less) and the 304 million POPs that T-Mobile has now is 1,000,000 sq miles of new coverage. Even if the maps are overstated in some places--much like Sprint does too--that's 1,000,000 sq miles, or 1/3 of the geographic area of the continental US. Not all of that is "overstated". T-Mobile's network is vastly larger; there is no question about that. And, T-Mobile offers roaming on a lot of AT&T where they don't have service and roam-like-home on Viaero in Nebraska & iWireless in Iowa too. Not in-market everywhere, but with the 100mb roaming limit on Sprint, that's quite a bit of a red herring on that side. But, again, today's promotion is largely meaningless. Sprint was already the cheapest carrier. For someone to have not chosen them to begin with, it had to be a reflection of their network greatly lagging the other carriers. And they already offered half off any Verizon & AT&T bills. So, today's announcement offers half-off to T-Mobile subscribers only; the same T-Mobile subscribers who already made a conscious decision to pay more for T-Mobile to have a better network. Thus, the only incremental add they will get are the very few people who are willing to downgrade in network quality to save a small amount of money for a few years--or should I say, save a slightly larger amount of money over that which they would have prior to today's announcement. This does not appear well thought out, to say the least. Oh well, I'm sure some people thought it quite valuable to rearrange the deck chairs during the Titanic's final moments too.