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  1. Thanks, I'll look for the download & instructions (sure I can find it somewhere), but if anyone has it, please go ahead & post I did try one more factory reset last night. Seemed to help for a few min, but started freezing again before I did anything other than just update various standard apps included.
  2. HELP! Sometime after updating my LG G2 with the Spark Update, my pull down menu will sometimes freeze for a very long time (maybe 30 seconds). Sometimes it works just fine, but other times it just gets stuck. I tried a hard reset (factory reset) a few times, but it still freezes way too much. I will be calling LG, but didn't know if anyone else had any similar issues. I have tried a google search & search in this forum, but didn't find anything. Any Help?
  3. Been getting LOTS of Band 26 the past few days between Alpharetta & Cumming!
  4. Seeing band 26 all between 11 and 14, but it could be much more widespread
  5. Sorry.. this is just one, but you can get the Original QuickWindow case on ebay for only $18: http://www.ebay.com/itm/131095073391?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 I got one for my son & myself. We both like it.
  6. I had manually enabled my bands prior to the update, but then before I applied the update, I disabled Band 41 & band 26. After the Spark update (only re-booted once), checked & the bands were NOT enabled, so I manually enabled them again. I had tried finding Band 41 in North Atlanta suburbs (Cumming) prior to the Spark update, but never did. Happened to be at Walmart last night after the update & was very surprised to see 35-40MBS download speeds. Checked & found of course I was connected to Band 41! What great speeds! Strange coincidence that I got my Spark LTE at a Walmart Store?
  7. I had the same issue with my son's phone. I had to call Sprint & give them the Serial # on the SIM card. They said it didn't match what they had in the records for that phone. They took the # I had & tied it to the account, which fixed the issue.
  8. I seem to have issues trying to take screen shots, but just got the update. It says [Production]- LS980ZV7_01_to_ZV8_13. Then says: This system update will ensure your device is working at optimal performance with the Sprint network. The Update will require that your phone is rebooted and it will not be available for emergency calls while installing the software."
  9. Glad i was able to help! I was very surprised that I got 2 phones with this issue. Wonder if it is LG's fault or Sprint for mixing up the SIM #'s.
  10. Called Sprint. Apparently they didn't have the right SIM card registered to his phone. Got it registered correctly & it finally works correct. So, if you know you should get 4G and are not in an area with eCSFB switching issues, then it maybe a SIM card registration issue. I find it strange that 2 of the 3 phones I got had this issue, but my son's phone is working now.
  11. Update: I did swap my son's phone & it continued to have issues (no 4G and frequent "Cannot establish a Wireless Connection". So just now swapped SIM's from his to mine. I did see a 4G connection for a bit. Oh My Phone (with his SIM), I started to get the "Cannot Establish a Wireless Connection" and no 4G). However, both of us had issues with the SIM's swapped. His said "Invalid Card" (or Invalid SIM, i forget which). & mine went to the Self Service menu & told me to reboot, then told me to contact Sprint, so I just swapped them back. It does seem to be SIM card related. I'm going to take them into a Sprint store later.
  12. So, can I just swap my SIM & his SIM? Will my # then be on his phone & his on mine? I assume so, but have not used SIM cards much as Sprint phones normally don't have them & I have always been with Sprint.
  13. Thanks.. didn't see your reply as I was typing a follow up. Yes, the Band 41 was only very temporary, but it was while I was looking at the LTE Debug screen. I forget exactly where, but it could have been a fluke. As for the phone, it is VERY strange that now his new phone (Just swapped tonight) is doing the same thing as his previous phone. As described, other than just not getting 4GLTE, it frequently drops connection completely. I'll follow up with Sprint tomorrow & if I have to try swapping it again.
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