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  1. ya I checked sensorly and that's what it was
  2. At my home tower I uses to get a consistent 20 with a peak of 30 and now I'm getting 15 down with a peak of 20. Do guys think This will say the same
  3. I have back haul installed in my home tower but I still have under 1 megabit download. Why is this?
  4. Haha I have used over 5 gigs of data in 3 days
  5. have noticed the same thing but it doesn't matter for because I live in Covington
  6. I got LTE at my house finally... I live in riverview
  7. Did anybody drive by that wimauma site yet
  8. like will there be LTE every where by march
  9. Do you guys still think we will see a market launch by march
  10. Will every 3G tower get back haul
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