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  1. I'm at the San Gabriel Valley, specifically after the 605 and 10 here in West Covina. I remember not having problems with voice or texts before and now it's becoming a regular thing to get a call dropped in the middle of it. Previous areas that weren't problems are having coverage issues now (La Puente near Fry's, Baldwin Park near the 605). Data's awesome, but what's the point of a phone if it can't make calls or text?
  2. Has anyone have problems with making phone calls lately? I used to be able to make phone calls reliably all over my house but now I would get dropped calls. Have they focused most of Los Angeles' frequencies for data? I'm wondering about this since I've noticed my data speeds on Band 25 have improved.
  3. Geez, these speeds make me glad to be on Sprint. Now here's me hoping that I get enough reception to be able to use the hotspot feature of my plan to turn in some assignments for school. PS: I'll be glad to have a working 8 Mbps/2 Mbps connection during EDC... heck all over the Sprint Network would be nice.
  4. I'm heading there too. I was wondering whether or not to buy a set of walkie talkies for my group just in case we get separated and service isn't great. How was data at the event?
  5. I just got tickets to Dave Chappelle at Hollywood Palladium on Mar 24, 2016 https://t.co/AtSdePyTKq

  6. I just got tickets to Dave Chappelle at Hollywood Palladium on Mar 24, 2016 https://t.co/AtSdePyTKq

  7. I was at Ontario Airport earlier this week and was connected go Band 26 while I was there and inside Ontario Mills. I thought they were gonna roll oub Band 26 when they were San Bernardino safety department was done rebanding.
  8. How does the signal on this phone compare to the Nexus 5's RF?
  9. If they took away unlimited data from grandfathered plans, I would hop on to a prepaid GSM service. Probably Straight Talk on AT&T or Cricket Wireless on AT&T.
  10. Are the RRUs the same as the ones they use for 800 MHz Voice or is it completely different equipment?
  11. Hmmm, I wonder how long it will take to fire up the new Band 26 antennas once San Bernardino County vacates. Is it possible to have the antennas installed prior the rebanding and then flip the switch or do network crews test and optimize the signal while they're at the site?
  12. According to this article, San Bernardino County has been granted an extension for the 800 MHz rebanding until August 21, 2015. Pushed backed again. Darn.
  13. Color scheme and fonts wise, it reminds me of Material Design. I like it. It's a very clean, smooth look.
  14. I'd love them to finish up Band 41 with Disneyland and California Adventure. I've been there several times this year and it still crawls at times.
  15. 8T8R is present in Silverlake. I went there yesterday at Los Globos Club at Sunset Blvd. to hang out with friends and Sprint service was really strong. B41 was present (52 Mbps down / 24 Mbps up)and 3G was ridiculous as well (2 Mbps down / 1.5 Mbps up). Sprint's service at Downtown Los Angeles and its surroundings has really changed. I can't wait for B26 LTE to fire up.
  16. Grandfathered SERO Premium plan: 500 Anytime Minutes Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Unlimited SMS and MMS Unlimited Data $50 + taxes = $56. I use around ~15 GB - 20 GB monthly, so staying with Sprint through their network upgrades has been worth it for me. It makes doing cardio at the gym on a treadmill less boring.
  17. So, what's gonna happen to those that have special employee plans like SERO-P, EPRP, and SWAC ? PS: Will he just drop the hammer like that or will there be a period after the announcement that existing users can upgrade their phones?
  18. You book a hotel based on how good Sprint coverage is and how close it is to several towers. I'm looking at you, Salt Lake City.
  19. Is this applicable to SERO Premium accounts? I have a friend that just bought an iPhone 6 and this would greatly help him out.
  20. This explains why I get connected to MetroPCS around Los Angeles at times. I thought their CDMA network was dismantled already after the T-Mobile merger.
  21. I'll take pictures next time I go around that area, but I'm pretty sure based on the location of where it was on the NV Sites Complete map that they are repeaters/mini-towers. They looked like they were hanging from a power line.
  22. I noticed that the Sprint coverage map is a little too optimistic compared to actual real world performance. Places that they state that are covered by LTE actually has no LTE signal in reality.
  23. I visited some friends at West Hills and I noticed several repeaters along the Valley Circle Blvd. exit from the 101 going to the 118.
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