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  1. Okay really video will stream just fine with great quality for a phone screen at even less than 1 Mbps. If they can do those types of things to reduce congestion then that's smart. And if it makes no perceptable impact to the experience then it's just as unlimited as ever. The only real downside is it won't let it buffer far ahead meaning it will have to keep the connection active the whole time you're watching.
  2. So idk if I missed it in here but if you compare the new plans to the old Simply Everything plan they've gone way down. Old: $410 for 4 lines New: $260 for 4 lines So while it's $50 more compared to the lowest minute allotment Everything Data… Old: $210 for 4 lines It's still substantionally reduced for unlimited everything (even if discounts are calculated differently) and seems like a good move to me. Considering unlimited talk & text are standard at AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile now. And I often see comparisons between carriers use Sprint's Simply Everything rate so
  3. RT @cryptocatapp: This #July4th I stand by the 4th Amendment and against the #NSA's unconstitutional surveillance of Internet users. http:/…


    #iOS7 #iOS7Beta2 Ugh why did they change the Notes & Reminders app to use fake paper? Seriously I thought they were moving past that?

  5. Making this thread for discussion about the new AT&T MVNO Aio Wireless. Curious to see what anybody has to say that's tried them. What kind of speeds you get (also pings), coverage (especially in larger buildings), and whatever else. Had a response from a person in another thread who said they got longer pings (100-200 ms) than normal for AT&T LTE (attributed it to a Aio proxy) so if anybody else has seen the same it would be interesting to know. Also if anyone has used both Aio (or AT&T) and Sprint LTE and can provide some comparison that'd be cool especially since this is a Sprin
  6. Hey thanks for the info. I wonder if they'll improve the ping time eventually and also where their prices will end up. Anyways you're right don't want to veer off topic. Might make a thread to see what anybody else on here has to say about them.
  7. AIO has three plans, that give you 250 MB, 2 GB, or 7 GB of full-speed data and once you reach that amount each month they throttle you to slower speeds although they don't specify they just say slower.
  8. Kind of random to this topic but how are you liking AIO? I've been really interested in them. Wondering how AT&T's coverage is, in general and indoors, and what kind of speeds you're seeing. Also curious if you've hit your data limit and if so what speeds you get when you're throttled. They don't specify on the site.
  9. That's interesting. I don't think I've ever seen any like that around here. Seems so cheap though.
  10. There's such thing as a wooden cell tower?
  11. So I would imagine you both see pretty good reception in larger buildings?
  12. I've seen various times around the site that Verizon's 700 Mhz LTE site spacing is rather large and they don't have it deployed on all the towers they have EVDO, whereas Sprint is going to deploy 800 Mhz LTE on most (I think I've seen 85%?) of their sites. Meaning for in-building coverage Sprint would have a better set-up. Has AT&T done the same thing as Verizon and used the fact that 700 has a large range and deployed it to just achieve coverage? I haven't really seen a lot of mention of AT&T's LTE on this site and was curious how Sprint's 800 Mhz will likely compare to theirs once co
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