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  1. Has anyone noticed LTE speeds becoming a little sluggish in the DC area (I assume its because more and more people are starting to migrate over or use LTE) but I've been consistantly getting aroung 4 mbps down and 1.7 mbps up two months ago it was nothing to get a consistant 10 down 10 up.
  2. After lack of interest for the past couple of weeks as of Sunday I'm able to pick up a LTE signal inside my home and outside I can tell its still a work in progress though because I average 7mb down and .80 up off of Lotsford Rd by Wegmean's
  3. Was there a cease and desist order place against this market because it seems like 2 weeks before christmas came there weren't any new towers that came online and the trend is still continuing unless everyone decided to stop mapping points with sensorly.
  4. There's a LTE tower that was transmitting in Rockville not sure if they turned it off and Bethesda is in the "Coming Months" plan so it all depends on how you choose to define soon.
  5. I know the DMV area is in the "pre-launch" phase but does anyone know if Sprint will increase the signal range of the towers over time because it seems as of right know that most towers in heavily populated areas are barley sending LTE signals a mile out. P.S. this is one of the times having a iPhone sucks because of iOS compatibility issues with sensorly.
  6. I'm getting a LTE signal at Strayer University on Auth Place in Suitland Md wasn't last Monday.
  7. Same here didn't know Sprint had so many towers in one community I knew of 2 but by the looks of things it must be 6 now.
  8. Was at the Verizon Center last night for the Wizards/Heat game didn't get any signal for 2 hours until I hit New York Ave is this area a dead spot for Sprint service or is it possible that Verizon could be blocking Sprints signal because I never had this issue at other venues before.
  9. Anyone know the range these LTE towers signals can transmitt (as in distance) because according to sensorly I have three towers as of now transmitting LTE all with 2 miles of my home one less than a mile but I get no LTE signal until I travel to the purple dot on the map.
  10. I got one to at the track but once you leave the parking lot it goes away wonder what's the range of these towers my house is less than a mile away from that tower.
  11. I get much better 3G speeds average .87 down .80 up in the Largo/Landover MD area along route 202 picked up a LTE signal in Seat Pleasnt MD by the recreational center on Saturday not sure if that was coming from one of the towers transmitting LTE on Benning Rd in DC but it's progress I guess.
  12. I think it depends parts of Bowie that outline Crofton may be in a different market than the parts that border Largo or Mitchellville I'm just going to go by Sprints press release and expect LTE sometime around mid 2013 assuming the world doesn't end Dec 2012
  13. I'm not expecting to see a LTE signal where I live in Largo, MD until April 2013 even though I briefly had one about three weeks ago. Not to be funny but a lot of sprint users hope for the best and expect the best, my expectations are expect the worse until this vision is completed. Is Restons LTE up I know someone was told by Black Friday.
  14. To get sensorly to run on the iPhone 5 press your home button twice then close out the app by holding down the icon and tapping the red x which is like starting the app fresh I have to do that every time i run a speedtest or check coverage map
  15. Agreed I thought that a lot of towers were already upgraded and it would be a simple software patch to allow access but now it seems that towers are being "turned on" as the manual work is completed.
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