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  1. RT @movie_n_NEW: <변호인>북미개봉이 현지시간 2월7일로 확정됐습니다.<신세계>의 북미 배급사 '웰고'를 통해 LA포함 15개도시 30여개 이상 극장개봉 예정입니다. 좋은소식 계속 전하겠습니다! ^^

  2. RT @CNN: Think Seattle's nice? Try the city beneath it. Here are 12 amazing underground attractions: http://t.co/aOf8zUQpXP

  3. RT @BarackObama: Retweet if you think it's time to let the 800,000 furloughed workers get back to work. http://t.co/kKcaYhDaPd

  4. for the past few days, Lakewood area data connection got worse.. I only see RTT or no connection in areas where I used to see LTE
  5. I'm just curious, at my house I get very crappy signals EHRPD around 110~115dBm LTE around 115~117dBm, (since LTE signal is very weak, it switches back and forth, I have WIFI at home so no big deal but would like to see better coverage in general especially voice coverage, I have to use Airave at home) will I see better signal if century link or comcast finishes backhaul?
  6. RT @SeattlePD: Shooting happened just before 9am near Benaroya Hall. The suspect in the incident was then shot by officers. No info on cond…

  7. RT @whitehouse: RT if you agree: It's time to raise the minimum wage because nobody who works full-time should live in poverty. http://t.co…

  8. Seem like Seattle is getting TD-LTE.. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/4083-sprint-td-lte-25002600mhz-discussion/page-7&do=findComment&comment=171765 will we be able to see the difference? also, which devices support this?
  9. RT @UW_iSchool: Congratulations iSchool class of 2013! Hats off to you: http://t.co/GaTA9KyvIv #uwgrad13 #iSchoolConvocation

  10. I live in a place where I NEED airave, I don't eve get good 3g signal (all signal above 100), however, I got very weak LTE signal and sensory mapped it.. it's very weird..
  11. I think part of it was me, I was at my graduation yesterday, it was at meany hall. I got LTE so I turned on sensorly and walked around campus
  12. I work near Columbia and 2nd, downtown Seattle, I finally got LTE but sadly not in the building...
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