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  1. Please help me out here - where is the GPS antenna?
  2. As mentioned in the article linked first, those numbers suggest that the SGS3 has a slight edge in transmitting power. The 10 MHz carrier bandwidth, also as mentioned in the article, isn't something that they expect Sprint to deploy during the life of the handsets, so it's basically a don't care. Neither souce link mentioned receiver sensitivity, the other half of the transmit/receive story, so I think what's there is necessary but not sufficient information to decide which radios are going perform better.
  3. I agree completely and didn't say that all preorders were filled. The situation is frustrating for many, including those that simply planned to buy one on the 25th from a Sprint store based on others getting theirs via preorder. Sorry you didn't get yours, hope you do soon.
  4. What adds to the puzzle is Sprint shipping free gel cases as an apology for the delay with the preorder deliveries. I think that suggests that the preorder population was a large enough constituency that they wanted to buy goodwill after the delay. If true, then like the original Evo, they must have not planned for the demand. Best Buy and Radio Shack filled preorders, but according to Android Forums members, the supply at many stores was small to begin with. So, I think that demand outstripped supply but the basis for my opinion is on skakey ground to be sure.
  5. EarlyMon


    I had my pals (trusted mods at AF and a few users) cross-check --> in stock ICS, the ability is simply gone, brand and OEM Android overlay notwithstanding. As for why - my personal theory is that if you leave anything successful well enough alone long enough, some programmer or project manager or marketing group with clout will come along and fix it. My life of software/hardware systems is full of people answering questions never asked, solving problems that didn't exist and adding feature without any regard for what they broke that made the solution worthwhile in the first place. Buy me a brew, compadre, and I'll peel your ears back!!!
  6. Inside Sprint Now, like s4gru.com, is one of our front-line sources for real information about this whole situation. The public outcry was so great this past week that Android Central forums and XDA were locking threads over it (as I was told, apologies if in any inaccurate) and after that the traffic flood brought AndroidForums.com to a crawl (and we have nearly a million register members) when people turned to us. Do people on DWLs (device waiting lists) have cause for complaint? Personally, I think so. This is the fallout from a patent system that allowed a patent on the "bread freshing system" for making toast at high temperature - and allowed a patent application that Apple made in 1996 to be granted in 1999 after the patent standards changed in the dot com day to allow nonsense patents to be granted defying common sense (speaking as a hardware and software patent holder before that nonsense and intimately familiar with the old and new processes and standards). HTC set resonable expections for inspection based on a long history of import/export experience in the face of an insane court ruling. Customs set reasonable expectations based on their backlog and knowledge base (these guys catch druggies and do us well, ok?) and Sprint set reasonable expectations based on what they knew as the end-point in the supply chain and having seen most everything already. And based on that, consumers set reasonable expectations for their phone deliveries. So - do consumers have reasonable cause for complaint? I think so. But where do the complaints go? Sprint? I think they were following what they were told to expect. HTC? I think they were following reasonable expectations - they had the patent-violating fix in updates and on other phones already. Customs? I think they have bigger fish to fry than a phone. Apple? I say yes. While others say it's not their fault for exploiting a broken patent system and we ought blame the government (and by extension - us voters), I will always blame the party that does wrong morally with a legal loophole that removes morality. That all said - I am often wrong, and I don't mean that in any pithy or cute way. All of that is simply my opinion of where we all stand and what I think of who's to blame. If it helps any, I don't have my phone yet and I simply tell myself that as long as it's before June 10th, maybe it's all good. It's not much, but it is what it is.
  7. http://insidesprintnow.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/friday-am-update-on-the-htc-evo-4g-lte/
  8. EarlyMon


    Correct. I had a friend check on stock ICS (not rooted) on a Nexus - tying notification and ring volumes is an ICS thing. On the Nexus, a custom rom saved the day on that. Dumb feature move.
  9. EarlyMon


    AGREED! I just heard about this today and came by to post a retraction - I thought sure it couldn't do it, but I was wrong! Ace job getting the SVDO word out, Sarge!
  10. Hi Robert, I think that we all hope that the launch delay doesn't come to pass. If not, I just want to chime in that no one bats a thousand and that I think it won't impugn the integrity of you or s4gru.com at all. I think that this is a great site, I enjoy the updates and members here and I am honored to be allowed to post. Probably, this didn't need saying, everyone feels the same and I am just being the noob. But it's how I feel about it, so there it is. Cheers, Early
  11. Tracking number claimed here - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1655568
  12. Remember to always put a one within the exclamation marks to indicate maximum excitement.
  13. Cool, thanks! In that case, the fastest card affordable makes the most sense in my opinion. Not only to allow for updates to the bit rate for the camera app, but also to decrease time required to offload the videos to a PC via USB.
  14. I would guess that unless you can direct the camera app to spool video to the sd card instead of the internal /sdcard partition of on-board storage then it won't matter. Do we know if it can do that?? Class will only matter for file transfer times if we can't.
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