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  1. The Jobs-and-Competition-Killing T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Is Back On https://t.co/FUeqT5k0rT

  2. @SprintCTO tested @Sprint in : 134.Mbps using https://t.co/ye8wECIqef #opensignal #speedtest https://t.co/ORJvJSjkhJ

  3. @NoContract Super fast you say? https://t.co/PUerInINsj

  4. @madcellscientis @sprintnynj @NYC @marceloclaure @walkermarka @SprintEast @SprintEd201 @Sprint4NYNJ @kc_holzinger Damn!!!!

  5. @SprintCTO @billho888 @BelusNecropolis @sprint Could you tell us when 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM will be coming to 1900mhz??

  6. @sprintsouthrvp @SprintCarolinas @sprint Great speeds! However two things need to happen. First start posting pics… https://t.co/6LT5aDdJDc

  7. @mike_bk1 @marceloclaure They have calling plus which is not true volte but you can do calls and data at the same t… https://t.co/cRKsrcg3Kv

  8. @saschasegan @JohnLegere @milanmilanovic @TMobile @NevilleRay Only problem is LAA goes less than a 10th of a mile.… https://t.co/NvQBdL2CUS

  9. @DiaMariesbeat @sprintsouthrvp @SprintCTO @sprint What does Ericsson massive mimo antennas look like?

  10. Characters from the second Bleach Movie, The DiamondDust Rebellion, are coming to Brave Souls! https://t.co/69Qt5CEQ4S #MovieSummons

  11. @SprintCTO @NevilleRay @sprint https://t.co/cQTOVT2XTH

  12. @marceloclaure @sprint Okay finally pics inside to see if b41 can actually penetrate good. More of these. ??

  13. Want to see @MKBHD in a selfie with a #ShortyAwards trophy? Vote now! https://t.co/03KAye2q4L

  14. @sprintsouthrvp I see you guys just got a server there so ping times look much better.

  15. New Thousand-Year Blood War characters Unohana, Kenpachi, and Yachiru added! https://t.co/YvWODvRhx5 #BraveSoulsTYBW https://t.co/J09jYjwQ2l

  16. 2018 Countdown Extravaganza! Chance to get a FREE ICHIGO every day from Dec 31 4:00 pm Japan Time! Official site:… https://t.co/QICrhd5l3T

  17. @itsSeanHughes @sprintsouthrvp @Sprint4FL @sprint Orlando is a rare city for sprint since it has 15mhz of 1900mhz b… https://t.co/LIoLVfNbS9

  18. @billho888 Yeah Dan Hasse had the right idea.

  19. @sprintsouthrvp @Sprint4FL @sprint How many cities does Sprint have LTE Advanced??? Tmobile and Verizon have over 900.

  20. @qbking77 I don’t think many people want this phone. The camera ruined it.

  21. @sprintcare @marceloclaure Just waiting on those upgrades we have been hearing about for the past 4 years. There ar… https://t.co/zOAZrcssUy

  22. @ForneverWorld @doofmobile ???☠️

  23. @walkermarka @sprintsouthrvp @sprint @guengott68 @Sprint4NYNJ @SprintEast Blazing! ??

  24. @sprintsouthrvp @Sprint4FL @sprint Sprint is pretty good in Orlando. Keep up the upgrades

  25. 25 million downloads and counting! Get great rewards now! https://t.co/YvWODvRhx5 #BraveSouls

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