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  1. They are definitely small cells. http://www.senzafiliconsulting.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=poRsDqBRr0I%3D&tabid=104&mid=466&forcedownload=true
  2. Its sometimes hard for me to hear through Marcelo's accent but I'm pretty sure he said "completing the other 40% by the end of the year WHERE rebanding is complete."
  3. I'm not sure if its operational yet. All 3 games I've been to this year, the service has been atrocious, at least for data. I've had to connect to wifi just to browse the web.
  4. It may not be in the map, but they've been announced as being part of the neutral hosted DAS at Levi's. It also seems like Sprint has been working on joining the existing DAS setups at AT&T Park and Oakland Coliseum but I haven't seen anything about them trying to join the one at Oracle Arena. http://www.extenetsystems.com/aboutus/Stadium_Tech_Report_Q2_2014.pdf http://www.coliseumauthority.org/archive/2013/31_130517_455.pdf http://www.coliseumauthority.org/archive/2012/31_121214_436.pdf
  5. Fierce Wireless based an entire article off your wall post. Nice job! http://www.fiercewireless.com/tech/story/sprints-800-mhz-lte-rollout-gaining-momentum-says-report/2013-12-30
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