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  1. autoprime

    LG G3

    Lollipop ZV8 TOT available now - http://forum.xda-developers.com/sprint-lg-g3/development/stock-sprint-lg-g3-ls990-zv8-tot-ota-t3030327/ I've also linked to some loose partition images (minus system.img) roms should start flowing this weekend. as for why it takes domestic carriers "so long" to release Lollipop vs intl/korea... the first 4-5 Lollipop updates they had were quite buggy... plus they're all built on 5.0. The domestic carriers have waited to get rid of the most obvious and annoying bugs that intl/kor users have had to deal with... and bonus.. US carriers see 5.0.1 first. Now I am not saying ZV8 is 100% bug-free and perfect... but there'd be many more complaints if they rushed to push L.
  2. autoprime

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    incorrect. did u even try it? setting "cdma" in the mobile network settings is actually setting cdma/evdo.
  3. autoprime

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Mobile Networks > Network Mode... and set to CDMA instead of Global or LTE/CDMA. As for KitKat... I've found ZVC to be great. Battery life is good... reception on B25/B41 is good. Seems GSM performs a bit better even. My G2 will never touch JB 4.2.2 again
  4. autoprime

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    not yet. if that were the case then anti-rollback would be in Sprints ZVC update without a doubt. But Sprint has had two 4.4.2 builds built AFTER TMO/ATT have put out KK. Sprint was also the first carrier to block loki. It's not likely anti-rollback will come in ZVC... but the possibility is there.
  5. autoprime

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Take OTA update. Download ZV7 stock firmware .tot file and LG Flash. Boot into download mode and see if it allows you to flash ZV7 firmware. If it does, anti-rollback is not enabled. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2432476
  6. autoprime

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    be careful of future OTA's if you wanna keep the device "open" LG has been testing implementing anti-rollback(used on vzw/att gs4 etc) and since all the 4.4.2 bootloaders remove the ability to use loki.... you'd be stuck with root only at best. not saying anti-rollback WILL be implemented in the ZVC update for sure.. but don't jump without having someone else confirm it first(unless you dont want custom roms/recovery of course).
  7. autoprime

    LG G Flex LS995

    it's the Sprint LG G Flex
  8. will be 16GB <model>LGD820</model> <suffix>AUSGWH</suffix> <buyer>USG/GOOGLE_OPEN_16G(UNITED STATES)</buyer> <product_type>CDMA</product_type>
  9. looks like the new nexus will be 16GB <model>LGD820</model> <suffix>AUSGWH</suffix> <buyer>USG/GOOGLE_OPEN_16G(UNITED STATES)</buyer> <product_type>CDMA</product_type>
  10. not a snapdragon800... SPH-L600 MSM8930AB 8MP Cam 1.5GB RAM
  11. with the hardware being so close to the G2... I suspect the Sprint G2 "stock" roms (w/engineering screens) would work on the device if proper bootloader, rpm and tz was set. bit of a stretch but should be doable. tbh, I'm hoping for a non-GPE version that Sprint sells.. with all of the normal Sprint hidden menus and dialer codes we're used to. If anything was locked... it'd be easily unlocked to be on par with the GPE version.
  12. Has no one found a suitable antenna to use with the Zing? Has anyone looked into hacking this thing? Getting it connected via diag mode to QPST/QXDM... writing PRLs etc? Got my hands on one of these and I'd like to unlock the SIM slot. No diag port though has to be hiding somewhere...
  13. can't wait for 800SMR in SID 4168
  14. autoprime

    LG Optimus G

    I'd almost go as far as saying... as long as you have a solid wifi connection of 3mbps down/1mbps up... on an android device you could easily set the device in airplane mode then enable wifi only. Then while using SIP/XMPP.. make/receive all the calls you want for free. The power of Google Voice(or other similar services)!!
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