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  1. That was oddly a specific number so I couldn't tell. I would have used something like 2099 or 3000....
  2. Just checked my screenshot. My dream was crushed haha. YUP, ends in 11...... Edit. Explain this to me. When it says "B26: it's better than when it says B25. I'm assuming it's just a different cell site connected to, however, when it does say "B26" it's faster, around 13 Mbps where as B25 is unusable.
  3. Noticed this week at work that my phone has been connecting to B26. It may have been sooner than this week but I had Signal Check off from displaying in my status part. My N6P likes to bounce between B41 and B26 depending on where I am (I work in a big building moving throughout it all day). My location is near the 5 Freeway on Orangethorpe (Northern OC).
  4. So I noticed today that I have the Google Assistant on my N6P. Out of habit I hold home button due to the original Google Now on the N7 2012. After holding a pop-up came up asking to activate the assistant. I am completely stock but am enrolled in the beta program. My build number is NPG05F, Android 7.1.2. My Google App version is My Google Now Launcher version is 1.4.large.
  5. Something similar happened to my brother's 6p when we went snowboarding a while back. It shut down on him and when we got down the mountain he turned it back on and still had about 20%, during most of the day it was in airplane mode since reception is spotty on the drive up. Mine was completely dead as I was using it for music and was not in airplane mode but I did notice the battery drain faster than normal even with spotty coverage and normal usage.
  6. So far I haven't noticed any changes. I'm in good B41 coverage. Maps bugged out on me 3 times in a row this morning but I don't think its safe to assume it's from the update. As most of us read, no additional functions from the finger print scanner.
  7. My N6P started downloading the new beta: 7.1.2 (NPG05F).
  8. Nah, just updating everyone. Last I read was it should release "soon" but we all know that usually isn't the case.
  9. As of today, 2/7/2017, the beta for the 6P has not been posted....
  10. Another easy way to talk to someone is keep pressing 0 when you call Customer Support or your local corporate store. That's what I always do.
  11. Hey guys, random question. I know many members of S4GRU are mobile device experts and use various carriers depending on their location and what works best. My question is does anyone know the correct Verizon sim for the iphone 7/7+? I currently have a sim labelled "DFILL 4FF-NFC-A" with the UPC code 840168090693. I bought my dad an unlocked/sim-free iphone 7+ for xmas and was wondering if that sim will work and allow the device to fully take advantage of Verizon's network. I understand this might not be the best place to ask and I thank everyone in advance for any information.
  12. Looks like all colors of the Pixel XL 32gb are currently expected to ship by November 23 for anyone who has been waiting for Google to replenish their supply chain. I'm currently waiting to see if they offer some sort of discount closer to Christmas as they did with the Nexus 6P (hoping they do a discount despite the Pixel's success).
  13. Interesting move by T-Mobile. https://9to5google.com/2016/10/27/t-mobile-will-offer-up-to-half-the-cost-of-a-pixel-to-anyone-who-brings-their-pixel-to-its-network/
  14. Or Google Fi it for a month if you don't mind spending the extra money to play with it...
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