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  1. @jaybirdsport @cotopaxi You guys are the best, thanks!

  2. RT @seanyboydraws: I won't tolerate intolerance about my lactose intolerance. https://t.co/gE48n8P3du

  3. @xtinaaa21 How did you find out about this?!

  4. @JamalBenamor @AwesomeSauce_86 @theyeezymafia Also if your feet fit your TTS in v2s then your feet are probably too… https://t.co/9NEmAzwQWm

  5. @StreetNightLive That third one that you didn't tweet is my favorite but this blueish one is great too.

  6. RT @AlannaBennett: Roses are red flowers are nice https://t.co/T5PqtlSbNd

  7. @theyeezymafia https://t.co/lWJsApOo6F

  8. @theyeezymafia Can I get a high five on Friday?

  9. @SneakersMonitor What's the process after payment? I didn't get a confirmation or anything, just a charge

  10. I hope this counts! #StockXintheBigGame https://t.co/PRN7tQ0vo7

  11. @sallythegurl @theyeezymafia Holy shit so the rest of the cws haven't been completely ruined yet?

  12. @joelmchale @ImprovHouston Any plans to come to @IrvineImprov?

  13. @adidasalerts @adidasHoops @raypolancojr @nicekicks These look like they belong in DBZ more than anything coming out of that awful collab

  14. @theyeezymafia So if it's not 6 months early is the restock soon?

  15. I'll fucking take it https://t.co/FQcUQ9Jfxg #GoogleArts https://t.co/LGM06Fv6P4