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  1. Craig Mofett is a clown. He needs to eat a whole lot of crows, feathers, beaks, claws and all. The man has never being right.
  2. One side benefit of the merger is that now I can use T-Mobile as the eSIM and have Spectrum mobile as the physical SIM. Two CDMA providers (Sprint physical Verizon eSIM) works but not flawlessly (it freaks out when either phone goes down to 1x).
  3. In an ideal world yes they would. In an ideal world the T-Mobile network engineers in conjunction with Sprint engineers have figured out how to reuse Sprint base stations and RRHs and panels. Also in an ideal world Dish would buy Sprint's network assets and reuse them. A lot would depend on how programmable are the RRHs and basestations. But there is new technology they could both employ like C-RAN to basically centralize the base station functionality where a data center replaces the basestations in a certain area. The advantage is that if a basestation image dies in the C-RAN you just spin another one. You have centralized backup power and your basestation is not exposed to the elements. The battery at the macro site will last a lot longer with just the RRHs and the antenna panels drawing power from the battery or generator. One good thing about the merger approval taking so long is that the Sprint and T-Mobile network engineers have had plenty of time to work on the best network integration strategy. Same thing about Dish.
  4. According to the speed tests I have done on both networks they are about equal in speed at different places inside my condo and at different times. I am afraid the the LTE backhaul might go away if they use that spectrum for 5G.
  5. It's really not that bad outside but once you get inside your house/condo it gets pretty bad. I was doing some speed tests/mapping coverage between T-Mobile and Sprint and they were pretty even (they were co-located on the same tower) and then all of a sudden Sprint nosedived in different spots. I reported it thinking that the site was down and was eventually connected to Tier 2 tech support and they let me know that they "reconfigured" the network and would I like a MB? I went back and found out that the macro site near me that has had Sprint panels for a little while was no longer broadcasting Sprint signal. 1x voice stayed strong, can't complain.
  6. Yeah remember that phase of actually replacing macro sites with monopoles?
  7. How many of you will not need the MB once T-Mobile's network is open for free roaming? I for one will be sending my MB once I can natively roam on T-Mobile. T-Mobile's signal is pretty strong in my condo unlike Sprint.
  8. I am anxiously waiting to see how expertly the new management team handles the proper blending of macro and small cells. I know that in my area Sprint decommissioned some macro sites and replaced them with small cells and Magic Boxes.
  9. Nextel was just a bad fit all around.Sprint should have rounded Alltel and Leap instead easy transition since both of them were CDMA and then later acquired Metro. Thicken their network around where they had coverage. They go sidetracked and basically added only 10,000 sites to the network between 2000 and now. T-Mobile added 35,000. They were part of of SpectrumCo that acquired 10x10 AWS spectrum that was then sold to Verizon. Clearwire was the one that brought EBS into the equation. Sprint had 30Mhz of BRS and Nextel brought another 30Mhz.
  10. One thing that I did not address is the status of the MVNO agreement that Sprint has with Altice and the ongoing efforts of Sprint to deploy small cells on the cable plant networks of Comcast and Charter. I think that it would behoove T-Mobile to take a fresh look at that agreement. Now I know that T-Mobile's network in the NYC/Long Island area is much better than Sprint's so they might not need those small cells as much as Sprint did or might not need as many as Sprint did. It will be interesting to see T-Mobile's thinking vis a vis small cells. I am thinking that they probably think of of small cells as supplementary to the macro site network. Only where there is no other way to deploy a network (NIMBY regulations, no tall buildings around) should small cells replace macro sites.
  11. I am not going to list all of the mistakes that Sprint ever made, for one thing they've been so many. I am looking forward to good management.
  12. Wow the backstory on Masa Son's ignorance and arrogance is amazing. His refusal to invest in the network and his choice to invest in small cells instead of full sites doomed Sprint. You can use small cells to supplement, not to replace full sites. He thought that the same strategy that worked in Japan would work in the US. He did not understand that strategy would not work besides NYC, maybe San Fran and the downtowns of large cities but would not work in the large suburbs and exurbs.
  13. Some of the same things I have been saying that need to be done during the transition by T-Mobile: https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/industry-voices-lowenstein-strategic-priorities-for-new-t-mobile
  14. My. main phone is the latest iPhone so it's covered but that's on Spectrum on my main line. I buy the cheap Android phones for my Sprint line. 🤣 I have been one of the biggest supporters of the merger. But I still think they will need to subsidize phones to get people to upgrade. While enthusiasts may upgrade their top line phones every year or two and the top line lines phones support all the bands common for don't replace their phones for 3-4 years. Now combined with the 5G upgrade they might save some money if my pest control man is any indication. He was so gung ho to get a 5G phone he would not need any subsidy upgrade. He obviously bought all the hype about the miraculous 5G. Maybe they can subsidize some journalist to hype up 5G if only to beat China to it (that was one of the selling points of the merger). So maybe just may they can get by not subsidizing handsets by hyping 5G. But then they might actually have to accelerate 5G deployment on 2.5GHz. Sprint does not own all 180 Mhzof 2.5GHz in all markets. They might own 100-120Mhz in certain markets. Or they might not own spectrum in what used to be rural areas but now are suburbs or exurbs. They will look at it and make wise purchases. They have not told us what spectrum they will use for their fixed wireless. Possibly 2.5Ghz in rural areas? BTW I have the utmost confidence in T-Mobile's management and particularly their network team.
  15. Maybe the top of the line devices but I just chose a Motorola g8+ and lo and behold no band 66 no band 71 and no band 25: 4G: FDD LTE band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/18/19/20/26/28, TDD LTE band 38/40/41
  16. Who knows what AT&T can do if it owned both B12+B29? They could consolidate into 1 band. One of the reasons I am advocating that they sell 700Mhz block A is they own just a 5x5 sliver. Consolidate on 600Mhz. Buy Comcast's 600Mhz plus whatever the speculators have. They did a great job offloading 800Mhz to Dish. Ofload 700Mhz to AT&T. I am not talking about right now, I am talking in 2-3 years.
  17. I know that a lot of us are gungho about this merger but once the excitement dies down you are faced with the reality of it. Here are some sobering thoughts: 1. The combined company will be approximately $70B in debt 2. They need to integrate the two companies from the business point of view 3. They have to put T-Mobile equipment on 10-11,000 Sprint sites 4. They have put new Sprint/T-Mobile equipment on another 10,000 brand new sites 5. They have to subsidize new handsets that contain all frequencies 6. They have to subsidize 5G handsets 7. They need to deploy 5G nationwide on the combined network That's just off the top of my head. I am sure we can come with additional expenses. That's a lot of money!!! now they sold Sprint's 800Mhz spectrum to Dish and Boost also to dish for about $5B so that will help but they will still need a lot of money.
  18. They probably will, otherwise they will have to deal with speculators later on that will ask an arm and a leg. But I am not sure they will buy/lease really rural 2.5GHz licenses unless they are really cheap.
  19. I am thinking that they will honor the roaming agreements with them before they expire. There are some that Sprint is leasing spectrum in return for free or very low cost roaming. Those will also be honored. Before the agreements expire they will look at them carefully to see if they still make sense. Now as to whether it makes economic sense to have some of the larger regionals around, as long as they make money and get sensible roaming agreements from the big 3 or Dish they will still be around. Did might also sign roaming agreements with them.
  20. Sorry it would be 30x18. ABC+D+E download plus ABC upload
  21. I just don't see them being interested in a 5x5 sliver not even being nationwide. T-Mobile might be if the price is right. Speculators that acquired AT&T's 600Mhz might be interested in selling to T-Mobile to shore up their 600Mhz spectrum position. Another spectrum play for T-Mobile down the line particularly if they can shore up their 600Mhz position further is selling their 700Mhz band 12 to AT&T. It's not nationwide and AT&T has some 700Mhz A already plus B&C. If they also get Dish's 700 E block they could own the whole lower 700Mhz band (30x30).
  22. Doesn't T-Mobile have some Band 2 spectrum of their own? Band 4?
  23. How is it going to get worse. They will let you roam on either network as soon as the merger closes. They will add 10,000 Sprint sites to T-Mobile's network. Then they will add brand 10,000 new sites. Now will they ever match the coverage of AT&T and Verizon? talk to me in 3-5 years.
  24. Yeah I am looking forward to seeing T-Mobile fill in the holes in their network using some (10,000) of sprint's sites as well as adding another 10,000 new sites. In my neck of the woods T-Mobile has a really solid network mainly due to Metro's network. Lately I have seen them deviate from Metro's sites but they are doing OK. Much better than Sprint. They can just move over Sprint spectrum and deploy M- MIMO 2.5GHz panels and we're good to go.
  25. Comcast does not have nationwide spectrum, only in places they offer service. As you can see from the map they only own a 5x5 slice everywhere except one market. Not exactly worth deploying it. They can sell/lease to T-Mobile or Dish or to speculators. No Comcast selling it to Verizon will not ease Verizon's spectrum crunch. Verizon will vigorously participate in the CBRS and C-band auctions. That will ease the crunch. I do not anticipate T-mobile participating in those two auctions but I anticipate AT&T, Verizon and the cable cos participating.
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