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  1. We Welcome Our New Magenta Overlords?

    9 hours ago, MrZorbatron said:

    I do not welcome any part of this.  I don't think T-Mobile really cares about doing anything they say they care about.  I have seen how truly bad their network is in the ways that matter for essential communication, and I want nothing to do with it.  Say what you want about Verizon, but the one thing they have in common with Sprint is that they have historically built out a solid network before trying to make it extremely fast.  I don't care about 50 Mbps to my phone.  I care about calls that don't get disconnected constantly.  I care about that stock trade getting through when I send it, even if carried by EVDO, because EVDO still gets it through.

    Sprint's "Outdoor coverage" maps might seem exaggerated to some, but T-Mobile's maps are a complete joke.  Maybe Michigan is a bubble, the only state where this is true, but it really is very true here.  T-Mobile is the network of dropped and undelivered calls, mysterious disconnection, and "call failed" error messages.

    If this goes through, look for me at the nearest Verizon store because price to me is absolutely irrelevant.  I see two things happening if this merger goes through:  1:  Sprint spectrum is used to bolster capacity at T-Mobile sites, and 2:  As much of the current Sprint network as possible goes away, even if it means losing sites that would provide valuable fill-in density.  I saw the latter happen with Sprint and Nextel, after they insisted that all Nextel sites that could serve to increase Sprint coverage would be used.  Similarly, there were locations T-Mobile could have used MetroPCS locations to improve their own coverage but didn't, even where it left holes in their network.

    Tell us how you really feel @MrZorbatron! :)

    I think that most cellular players exaggerate their coverage. Yes, I suspected a long time ago that T-Mobile was one of the most egregious. Now according to the merger presentation, they will end up with 85,000 macro sites. That will be enough to match the coverage of pretty much everybody.

    Like you, I appreciate not having dropped calls or undelivered texts. In my area on my T-Mobile MVNO, I don't get any but can't say it won't happen elsewhere. Once Charter offers service via their Verizon MVNO, I think I will move my 4 personal lines there. My business line will stay on Sprint/T-Mobile, well, because I can't control that. :)

  2. We Welcome Our New Magenta Overlords?

    On 5/20/2018 at 4:33 AM, danlodish345 said:

    And I would definitely say that merger probably or probably not won't be approved. If not I would have to say it would be on the grounds of cellular asset divestiture.

    Not when Verizon just bought 1GHz of mmwave spectrum. Those were the policies of the past. If it does not get approved, it would the loss of jobs and the fact that it might not be good for consumers. Although when I look at the table on this page, comparing unlimited plans, it is already evident that the other three are not really competing and Sprint's lower prices are not working since they did not manage to steal anybody from the other other three. To me it is evident that were Sprint to remain independent they need massive investment in their network since competing on price is not enough anymore and low prices just deprive their network of investment.

  3. We Welcome Our New Magenta Overlords?

    17 hours ago, Tengen31 said:

    I hope they keep B26. Sprint still has customers that have phones that don't have B12. B26 is also more widely available than B12. So some areas that would only have B26 and 71. Others they would have 12,26,71. People should not have to buy a new phone just to get B12 if B26 is still there for them. 

    I want the combined company, down the line to pare down their bands to a manageable number by doing some well thought out spectrum horse trading. For example, T-Mobile and Dish exchanging band 71 spectrum for either Band 26 or 12. Maybe even host Comcast's Band 71. Or trade AWS-3 to Verizon for PCS spectrum. Maybe just limit their bands in the end to 600MHz, PCS, AWS and 2.5GHz. Fewer antennas/RRHs, less weight, less rent.I am not saying that this should happen soon but down the line. 

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  4. In my area, Sprint and T-Mobile (or Verizon depending who is the lessor/lessee) need to swap 5MHz allocations in order to give Sprint a 15MHz contiguous channel (adjacent to the G Block) and T-Mobile a 20MHz channel at 1850-1870, 1930-1950. But then T-Mobile would be left with a orphaned 5mHz channel at 1895-1900, 1975-1980. Maybe they're willing to swap it for another chunk somewhere else, giving sprint a 20MHz allocation. He, he...that's without Block H from Dish.

  5. For me, since I live and work in the suburbs, support for 1900MHz and 800MHz is a lot more important than support for 2600. Since Sprint can barely find enough tall sctructures around here for 1900MHz spacing, support for 2600MHz is not necessary. Maybe if enough android phones offload the 1900MHz and 800MHz bands we can have those other bands to ourselves. Doesn't the iPhone support the China Mobile TDD band? Wouldn't support for band 41 be just a software update away?

  6. Most likely he was using Sprint. You get 100 kbps if you are lucky. Sure there are a few towers that go faster but they are few and far between. My friends with AT&T are getting 4Mbps on the iphone 4S. Network vision so far has been a huge joke.


    Since his company in Japan is using WCDMA/HSPA & LTE, he was probably roaming on AT&T. Unless he was using one of his competitors (KDDI) phones to roam on Sprint.

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