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  1. I've been pretty accurate guessing soon to be released LTE areas just by crappy data speeds and reliability. Hopefully it actually shows up, but i just did a little driving in the Lakeville and Farmington area, and got 2955, Lte points to upload to sensorly, Im going to guess almost all of them are totally new compared to the mapping I see from my phone, aIeast 2 new active LTE towers. Well see how long it takes for Sensorly to update things, sometimes really fast, sometimes it takes a day or so. And yeah I had major issues with this thread yesterday, seems fine today.
  2. Woot! new 4G signal in lakeville nearer downtown, didnt have time to map much, yet.
  3. I drive the areas often, I live in southern Lakeville, now that theres towers in the area turning on im constatly check areas, Apple Valley is really weird though, I'm fairly sure the 4G I picked up nearer the zoo was from the water tower as you think, but I can figure out where the signal is comming from near Eastview hs, I'd say its from the big tower near the HS, but i dont any 4G signal, parked next to it on the west. Its like it's only barely on, and only directionally to the east. Ugh this forum doesnt play nice with my Internet browser or swift key keyboard. . . I read the posys often, but it's such a PITA to post from my phone and rarely do I use a real computer anymore, so sorry for the broken wording and grammar, ill try and post from my laptop more. . .
  4. Had a hard time finding a adding much purple to Apple Valley, found a little signal around the Zoo, Honestly I didnt really find much rhyme or reason to where I was finding the signal. I didn't really attempt to figure out where exactly the tower was im sure I could found a way, but I didnt.
  5. Well if you look you can see I mapped a bunch in Lakeville yeaterday, just so happens I have to spend a little time in apple valley today, killing time, I'll try to paint a bunch of purple again today.
  6. ugh, couldn't posy from Opera mobile. . . Yeah Lakeville turned on sometime yesterday, awesome, almost hits my house, i did a bit of mapping yesterday, but im not sure if it has shown up yet, I'll go paint sone more purple on the map , after finish enjoying my 4G breakfast at cracker barrel!
  7. I had a bunch of errors , somehow it did actually update even though I never witnessed it update. St.paul area has been pure crap for me with 4G for the last couple months, i believe the tower I was connecting with was near 35 and randolph, up sometimes and gone all together at other times with data at times in the 100-200k range terrible I'd actually just run 3G most of the time.
  8. I totally agree, normally I don't run many speed tests on 3g, I pulled some really nice numbers in Eagan the other day.
  9. Fwiw, this forum's posting doesn't play nice with my keyboard, sorry for the poorly written and spelt posts
  10. The updating is weird, the additionalpurpleon the map (aside from the north south run) in Chanhassen was what I mapped last night, funny half showed up last night and tge additionalstuff to the west (you can see pretty clearly where I turned around) just showed up to me now when I checked. on the app I only see the Chanhassen area mapped, nothing else.
  11. Actually appears that I was indeed able to some more purple to the map, iirc the boundry to the east is pretty pretty accurate, the boundaries to the west didn'tupdate to what I saw driving, my intentionswrrnt reallyto do a bunch of mappingtonighr.
  12. btw the range and area was really pretty big I tried to add to sensorly but I got errors, ill look into it a bit more later, had 4g for 3-4 miles on 212
  13. Well its legitimate.http://www.flickr.com/x/t/0094009/photos/71018920@N04/8231429416/ http://www.flickr.com/x/t/0094009/photos/71018920@N04/8231429416/
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