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  1. yea i've tried rebooting and it still is a drain. i've even tried uninstall, reboot, clear cache partition, reinstall.
  2. running version 4.28,signal check pro largest user of battery right now on my galaxy S6. I have logging and location enabled, location accuracy set at 100m, have even bumped up to 10km, still just eating thru battery. Have rebooted phone, i've uninstalled and reinstalled.
  3. Side note was at CedarPoint on Friday the 7th. Coverage at the park and speed was AWESOME. To think that 2 years ago you could barely text on a busy day, let alone make a call, and data was so slow a smartphone was useless until you got down by Rt2. I'm interested to see how the single tower performs during HalloWeekends, considering VZW brings in 2 COWs (usually one out by Chausee entrance to parking lot, one back by Soak City) to handle the additional load. I had B41 most of the day, early in morning while on Magnum exit ramp around 1130 did a speed test and got about 70 meg down, suspected CA but SignalCheck didn't log the second carrier, and by time i got engineering screen up it was too late. They probably are getting ready for CA, and CP definitely will need it come HalloWeekends. I also was occasionally on the drive up seeing B25^2 which leads me to they may have a few towers in Sandusky broadcasting second carriers. Sent logs to DKYeager to be parsed the other day.
  4. It's 20GBP (about 30$) for unlimited data for 1 month. Got the Sim card on arrival at heathrow. It's awesome, I used 13.4 gig of 3G data with my S5 in the 9 days I was in the UK for work and vacation. By the way tethering does work up to 1 device though.
  5. key to note a -70 signal on LTE is an AWESOME signal, LTE is more or less unusable at -118. I've not had any issues over at Morse Road site especially when I visited Menards before they opened the new one on 23 in Lewis Center.
  6. If this is the tower up at 23 and 270 on the north side, that's a relocation of Verizon's tower on the north west side of the interchange to the south west side. The current construction plans for the 270/23 interchange go right thru the tower that's on the north west side. so they're forced to move. The Sprint tower to keep an eye on up there is the tower behind the Courtyard (between the Courtyard and 23),
  7. yes, my wife works at the brewery, they just completed their nextel replacement the friday before nextel shutdown (A-B is exclusive sprint/) and had their whole nextel repeater network upgraded to CDMA/NV. LTE not on yet, but mostly this tower provides service internal to the A-B property/buildings.
  8. Saw those Saturday, just haven't made it back over there to get better pix. they were up installing the antennas and RRUs sat and tuesday. I'm actually between that tower and the one at Hyatts and 23 so i cant wait until both are complete. Hoping I can get rid of my Airrave
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