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  1. That's always a good thing isn't it? Lol I was reading about the public safety issue briefly, from what Ive read the process is moving along right? But hey, any progress is good progress. LTE on 1900 is pretty much everywhere with speeds north of 15-20 megs (some places I'm surprised they even have running water lol), B41 is popping up and has surprisingly decent coverage considering how high it sits. I'm not going to complain... Okay, yes I am, they need to get the CSFB situation worked out around here, I'm tired of needing to force lte lol
  2. Also, unrelated, but I'm in a very bad area today where the best I get is spotty 3g. Out of curiosity I forced my device to CDMA only, its connected to "secondary 800" 1x only, 3 bars vs 0 evdo... this is the fastest 1x I've ever seen. I can actually stream DI Radio at 64k without a single hiccup somehow. It seems dumb to praise 1x, but I can use my phone in an area that was completely dead before thanks to 800mhz. This makes B26 LTE look even sweeter!
  3. I should have clarified, I was well on my way home before I grabbed the engineering screen shot. I'm positive I was connected to the site in question. I'll take a telephoto down there any try to get some better shots after work. Also, as far as I know those are T-Mobile AIRs below the NV 1.0 equipment? New photos around 6PM EST
  4. This is my first post, but i have been following s4gru for quite some time now, you guys are awesome . I have a quick question regarding what i am almost certain is a Samsung Clearwire TDD-LTE RRU. This site got it's NV upgrade about a year and a half ago, before this it was a Clearwire WiMAX site. During the upgrade, they ran new fiber to a nearby CenturyLink DSLAM site, installed the new ALU (I think) RRUs and panels for 800/1900 (second mast down), and installed new RRUs on the old Clearwire setup. Well i just finally got a tri-band device (Nexus 5), and went straight to this site to see if B41 was active. It is! This brings the questions. Are these in fact new Samsung RRUs? (im pretty much positive, would just sleep better with a conformation ) If so, since these were somewhat recently installed, does this make an 8T8R upgrade in the near future less likely? And most of all, it seems as though my throughput is artificially limited, when i run a speedtest (full signal, line of sight to the tower), it pegs 6mbps down and just stays there, no more than .1 fluctuation, just doesnt seem natural.. To make things stranger, I get around 11mbps up. Whats going on here? The site is in Clayton, NC (Hwy 42 & Barbour Mill Rd in case anyone is familiar with the area). Sorry for the terrible photo, only had my phone handy at the time. My area is pretty much entirely lte averaging around 20mbps download. I know you cant really see the RRUs im talking about here, but i figured the label in the bottom right, color, and white connectors on the bottom edges of the panel make it look very much like the Samsungs ive seen.
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