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  1. I have a brand new Pixel 3 XL that will just not activate on the Sprint network. I have now tried 3 (brand new) SIM cards - both SIMOLW416TQ & SIMGLW416TQ which are supposed to be compatible. After a full factory reset the phone recognizes that it has a Sprint SIM card and prompts to download the relevant apps but the setup ends there... I keep getting the pop message that "SIM card has locked. Please Power cycle the device" and in the Android notifications I keep seeing the message "SPRINT DM: Configuring Mobile Network" but it keeps failing and after 5 retrys the network str
  2. When will the Nexus 5 be "authorized" to use 41? when you say 26 is being deployed before end year - does that mean actually turned on an usable by the end of year?
  3. I'm waiting on Sprint to send me a SIM card so I can activate the Nexus 5 I got from the play store. Can anyone please confirm if any aspects of Spark are active in the Chicago burbs? I currently have a Galaxy S3 and the LTE connectivity is less than stellar... TIA!
  4. From the parking lot at the new Sams Club on Randall Rd. in South Elgin, IL. Almost pooped myself! ;-)
  5. yeah, they need to sort out the signal strength meter problem ASAP or customers are going to be really upset...
  6. Yes, it might get ugly and Sprint might once again get a really bad rap for it. I got my first LTE connection (on SGS3) this Saturday during my kids soccer games in Gilberts (NW Suburb of Chicago). Full bars showing 4g connection - and let's just say the performance was a bit underwhelming!
  7. If close to 50% of the sites have been converted then why has Sprint not announced the Chicago market yet? I thought a market was announced around the 30-40% range?? They could at least light up the LTE towers that are converted and sitting idle (running 3G only).
  8. The towers below are the closest to my house - can anyone confirm if the backhaul has been completed on these and what kind of backhaul it is (any additional info on these would be great as well!).. Thank you!! CH03XC935 CH03XC496
  9. FYI - latest info is that iPhone5 will be announced 9/12 and released later in September. I suspect this is the main reason why sprint just lowered the current iphone prices by $50 - trying to get rid of inventory before new model is announced.
  10. How's the SGS3 connectivity? As good as the Nexus?
  11. Not for sure yet, obviously have to wait and see the specs on the new JesusPhone... I'm no apple fanboy but I've had both iOS and Android and its clear to me that everything just WORKS on the iPhone... all the apps are smoother, the integration with other devices/services is better... all around a better expericence (for me anyways). they just need to up the damn screen size!
  12. I think I'm going to wait till the LTE network is fully turned on in the Chicago area (and hear reports of how it works) and then perhaps get the new iPhone 5 which is supposed to have LTE and be released sometime around Sept/Oct.
  13. i wouldn't call it cocky - more like totally frustrated and pissed of since Sprint 3g service in Chicago has been total crap for the last year at least... i went months not being able to even send a MMS due to the horrible data speeds, and on top of it, now we have to put up with the constant dropped calls due to the hardware compatibility issues... so yeah, we are quite sick of Sprint in Chicago and this LTE/NV deployment can't come soon enough....
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