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  1. Going with the Missouri thinking here.... SHOW ME! I will believe it when I see it. I have had my Note 2 since launch day, have traveled a bit, and have yet to see a 4G icon.... Don't even know if it works yet....
  2. Well, it helps if you actually have 4G service.... Something both AT&T and Verizon have here in Metro Detroit.
  3. My local store reps actually do something radical by Sprint standards.... They have started telling the actual truth! They will very clearly and accurately state that they do not know. As you said, maybe they lose customers that way, but it is far better than what many of us were told about Wimax which was always something like "soon" or "next quarter".
  4. Yeah.... So you are saying that once again Sprint is telling lies about 4G coverage...? It has also been reported here that Eastern Michigan was to begin LTE work last month. So far, to the best of my knowledge, no one has confirmed any activity at all. If I lied to my customers the way Sprint does, we would be out of business. Just unreal to me that Sprint does not seem to care about those of us that were burned by all of the Wimax lies. As for me, I have chosen to remain with Sprint with the hope that I see LTE soon, but I would never sign a contract with these liars. If they fail me again, at least I can leave when my patience has worn out.
  5. I gave up waiting and did the manual update. Pretty cool feature.
  6. Still no update for me. I saw a youtube video on how to update manually. I will wait impatiently another day or two before trying the manual method.
  7. No update for me yet. I keep checking but nothing yet.
  8. Well, $649.00 is better than the $800.00 I was expecting.
  9. Maybe try Galaxy Note hairline cracks.
  10. Just google Note cracking. Similar to the EVO 4G cracks. Seems like the white ones cracked more often than the blue
  11. Lot's of cracking reported on the white Note I. I will go for grey.
  12. Best show on television.
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