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  1. Well then you're obviously hanging around the wrong crowd. ;-)
  2. I don't get the obsession with needing such fast speeds on your phone. is going from 30 mbps to 100 mbps really going to make a difference on your cell phone? ...and that you have to base your phone buying decisions on it. Email, apps, even streaming works at any level of LTE just fine. What are you guys doing that requires such speed?
  3. Agree with the rest... Bixby is behind in the game. For the time being I'll probably be using Google Ass. and revisit Bixby after a few months or years to see if they caught up. It seems from reviews that Google Ass. has surpassed intelligence of Siri, so there is some evidence that it's possible that Bixby could come around yet with time. I do like that I can be on the other side of the room and say 'Hi Bixby' and it'll start up without having to unlock the phone first. Maybe that's an option with Google Ass. but I haven't seen it yet. Bixby also sounds slightly more robotic than Google Ass, for what its worth.
  4. Are you sure about that? The Sprint policy is that you're out of contract, phone is paid off, and it's been 50 days active on the Sprint network. Maybe if you're on Easy Pay that satisfies those rules, but it seems like it wouldn't if you're still paying on it. I had mine unlocked by a guy on eBay (as did a couple others in this thread), thus reasoning for my post.
  5. FYI... the unlock still remains after the update. Actually the phone seemed to identify the card a lot faster. As soon as I turned the phone over and swiped down it already knew it was an ATT card where before it would take longer to read the card.
  6. I've noticed that my phone will send a text message to missed phone calls. So far I've only noticed this while driving, so it seems it knows I'm driving and is sending texts and cutting the ringing off early. Anyone know what is controlling this and where to change the settings? I tried the dialer app and saw nothing, I tried my texting app, Textra and saw nothing.
  7. I think we're getting to the point where people don't read the first pages of the thread...and we're starting over with our questions.
  8. Right... so why do we care if our Sprint phones have this?
  9. And what is Band 13 for? Is that the roaming frequency?
  10. Update on using Simore/Magic-SIM to make S8 into a dual-SIM phone: - My Simore adapter ribbon tore before I could use it... so never got to try it. - Went with Magic-SIM... it is a more durable product, however, I can't get it to work. Customer service has been great at helping me trouble shoot, but the app it installs doesn't respond to anything I do... and after 1 minute of a valid connection on SIM1, it changes to say Invalid SIM. Magic-SIM has been helpful and are sending me a replacement to see if it's faulty. So after a couple weeks I should have another try (they are in England). I will say that since the unlock method was a hack-job and my 2nd SIM is a FreedomPOP AT&T SIM, it's possible one or both of those are giving me issues with Magic-SIM. Perhaps if I put in a SIM directly from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon that it would work, I don't know. However I doubt it because directly in the phone the SIMs work and I did try a deactivated 2nd Sprint SIM and it also didn't work. So other than the adapter being faulty the only other possibility I can come up with is the way it was unlocked being incompatible with Magic-SIM. We'll see how the replacement works.
  11. This afternoon (after doing the software update this morning), while using the phone normally it suddenly did a profile update on its own! UH OH! I read that profile updates are supposed to reset the lock back to Sprint. So I rebooted the phone, popped in the AT&T SIM, and voila! It still works! Went back to Sprint, still good! So at least with the unlock method I used (some eBay guy), the phone remains unlocked after software & profile updates.
  12. So I just did the new update, and phone is still unlocked, swapped out the Sprint SIM for AT&T and it worked great. Side question... this update gives us a Bixby update, but I still don't think it does any voice commands, correct? I didn't see any way to do voice commands. I'm trying to give it a chance before abandoning it and sticking with Google Assistant.
  13. It's weird how that works -- I've had mine for what a month now, and it's never LEFT band 41... at least not on my home tower.
  14. SOLUTION!!!! ------------------- Ok, after months of research and online help, I've finally unlocked my phone per my original OP post. I went with this guy on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/322518132661 He could improve his communication, but his service is outstanding! He unlocked my phone and I don't believe he used the engroot/z3x method that I've seen floating around online. In fact, I asked him about that and he said that's not what he does. From watching him do it and the feel of what's left behind is that he stripped it down and reinstalled basically what is on the sold unlocked phones. There's no weird app installed to maintain/change providers, it's not rooted, KNOX is NOT tripped... it feels like a stock-unlocked phone...and yes I'm under a contract AND financing. My big concern was if I'd be able to go back to Sprint without it re-locking; as I basically am trying to convert my single-sim phone into a dual-sim phone to switch between providers. Sprint worked great right away, then I put in my Freedompop AT&T SIM... I entered the APN as instructed by Freedompop, and data, texting and calls all worked! It even said AT&T at the top. Now the big test... switching back to Sprint... I popped the SIM in, and it switched to Sprint and worked right away! YAY! Now is it re-locked? I put the AT&T SIM back in, NOPE, not locked! The AT&T SIM worked, and even remembered the APN settings so I can switch back and forth between Sprint & AT&T without changing any settings, no APN entries (beyond the first time), no changing network from GSM to CDMA... it's all automatic and works great! Another aspect of my conversion to Dual-SIM was to have a Dual-SIM adapter installed so both SIMs can be installed on the phone, and I can switch SIMs/Providers/Numbers on the fly from within software... I had one from Simore but I tore the paper thin ribbon before I could even try it once... so I'll try again with Magic-SIM, which looks like a much more durable product. So in the end... I recommend the eBay guy above, jiovaz9000 + Magic-Sim + FreedomPop AT&T SIM (free service)
  15. If you're using two sims from the same network it should... otherwise, no.
  16. I just got this error for the first time today as well... certainly something on Sprint's side that I doubt needs to be concerned with.
  17. This page shows that the GS8+ for Sprint does not support 2g/3g 1900/800 frequencies, just the 3 LTE bands. I have to imagine this is incorrect..... right? When I'm in bumf*** Egypt, I want to know that I'll at least fall back to 1xRTT.
  18. I want it so bad -- but I already bought a Sprint version and I don't know how I can justify switching it out since I can't return this. I'd have to sell it on eBay or something. I'll probably end up sticking with the Sprint version. Bah!
  19. When I put my phone on the wireless charging pad the screen unlocks and turns on -- kind of annoying. Is there any way to prevent it from doing that and just stay off when put on the charger?
  20. I had one or two days where the phone was SUPER laggy, but its been many days since I've had that issue. It cleared up and haven't had to reboot at all. I don't know if the phone is just breaking in and learning how to better handle memory or what. I don't think I uninstalled any apps or changed anything that would have caused it to clear up, but all is good now and I'm quite happy with the one I have despite a couple days of issues.
  21. I edited the OP with how to Root your Galaxy S8 or S8+ if you're into that.
  22. From what little I've seen online about it, it seems to work pretty well. I'll be switching to the unlocked phone once Best Buy starts selling it, maybe that version will have download booster available and I can test it.
  23. I just saw this download booster tip: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3192899/android/galaxy-s8-tips-and-tricks.html#slide15 But it's not on my Sprint branded S8+. Think Sprint wanted this disabled?
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