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  1. I can proudly say ive gone to watch the president speak. #obama #obama2012 http://t.co/s6O84pBq

  2. Check Sensorly's maps, they have grown so much since yesterday
  3. I Just drove from the Palmetto Southbound on NW 36th Street toward SW 8th Street and i got 4g All the way to a couple of lights before FIU
  4. http://forums.imore.com/sprint-forum/242539-sprint-lte-tower-active-miami-33055-a.html LTE Popping up on Flagler and in Miami Gardens!
  5. I got a signal today in Aventura. It grabbed the signal a couple of times but i didnt get any data stream from it. But it was the first time i got an LTE signal!
  6. Just got my tickets in the mail :)#btwball ladygaga #soexcited http://t.co/lqO3gslo

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