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  1. Are you on the Radio or the radio?
  2. Yes. Bluetooth is terrible in my car. Stock rom not rooted.
  3. I was asking the person who had luck with a corporate store!! I want to know which one is the good one to get it swapped.
  4. I dont have the tab there with sprint. I just have the three tabs. Favorite, Recent, Contacts. Voicemail is missing.
  5. I dont get why it wouldn't work for us. Google uses the OMTP V 1.1 standard for visual voicemail and I think sprint already has this implemented for iPhone users. https://code.google.com/p/android-developer-preview/issues/detail?id=2403#c10
  6. Which one did you go to? I'm thinking about going to the one on devon and lincoln.
  7. Is there anyway to address the situation before the phone is unusable? I doubt sprint would swap phones out just willy nilly, but I also find it uneasy to use a phone that may mess up at any time.
  8. That attitude is the reason we still have activation fees.
  9. This phone absolutely destroys my nexus 5 in terms of overall network performance. Very happy.
  10. Hey guys. My g4 has a hissing noise. Specifically the spot right behind the camera. Anyone else notice this?
  11. The gift card doesn't come with the phone if you buy it full price does it? The dude at best by told me that's for upgrades only.
  12. Maybe I got a lemon. My nexus cant hold an lte connection at all.
  13. I wonder if it will come with the black leather. That would be really cool of sprint. edit: Looks like it will, " LG G4 will be offered in two stunning options – Metallic Gray and Black Genuine Leather" Also wondering how the g4 stacks up against my nexus 5 in terms of LTE signal strength. My nexus 5 is absolutely turrible. Constantly on 3g or "searching for service"
  14. I wonder when this phone will come out.
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