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  1. RT @dwa22gr: @OurLadyPeace @20MonroeLive i heard there's a fan presale starting today for this show. Any truth to that? If so how does on…

  2. @PSARiPS Looks like hosting issues! This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.

  3. @AdrianneCurry I got one like that last week, sunrise. https://t.co/POrHekGZOq

  4. @BHPhotoVideo @UPSHelp Finally got around giving my parents the @SamsungTVUSA. Here's the un-boxing. =(… https://t.co/kxWsrzeUI3

  5. #VMWORLD17 https://t.co/eSFH6C6yyt

  6. Crap, going to miss it :( RT @AdrianneCurry: Tune into @ellismate tomorrow on Sirius! I will be cohosting w/him the whole show!

  7. I just ousted @matthew2470 as the mayor of Los Tres Amigos on @foursquare! http://t.co/iVDg7UOR

  8. Now Oct and would really like to hear anything about this build out.
  9. Such a good flick (@ Celebration! Cinema & IMAX for Seven Psychopaths) http://t.co/ksVs2SGc

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